A very warm welcome to delegates of the AHG Symposium 2021!

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Upcoming e-class series examining this topic in more detail

Clinical Herbal Medicine: Strategies for mental & emotional health

Working with clients in your clinic.

A specialist e-class series beginning in 2022.

BOOKING DEPOSIT: €10 (approx $12 USD) as registration of interest in this upcoming e-class series

Looking at strategies for dealing with key areas of mental and emotional distress:

* depression

* anxiety

* panic attacks

* trauma

* tools to try to recover from harrowing events

* bereavement & grief

* terminal illness & death: emotional support tools

* pharmaceutical medication: working alongside it; when people want (and it’s safe) to wean off these e.g. anti-depressants, sleeping tablets

* discussion of handling serious situations: the psychiatric patient; the suicidal client; where people have been affected by serious criminal behaviour

* workshopping different responses: understanding the impact of words [ours and other people’s] on a traumatised or highly distressed client

* the difference between supporting and pushing people

* herbs & herbal treatment strategies: an in-depth look


WHO CAN ATTEND: Practitioner level. For qualified practitioners or students on professional practitioner courses.

CPD/CPE POINTS: These should be available to people who complete this series.


Practical herbal extracting-making video courses

Herbal Skincare & Haircare

Topical extracts (including herbal infused oils & balms), products, treatments & tonic teas

Foraging for Wild Herbs:

Herbal medicine-making & nutritious wild foods from what grows around you

Other courses, classes, consultancy, herb walks etc.


  • Consultancy for natural product development
  • Private tutoring
  • Video courses in herbalism, wild food and foraging

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