I love to share my knowledge about herbs.

Book Me for Your Venue or Event.

You can book me:

  • To give Talks, Lectures or Demos
  • To teach Workshops, Classes and Courses
  • To do Media Interviews & Television Presenting
  • To take Guided Foraging Walks & Land Surveys
  • As a Visiting Practitioner at your Clinic
  • As a Consultant for your Research Project or Business Project
  • As a Consultant to Formulate and Develop Professional Natural Cosmetics (including the Responsible Person duties).
  • For private tutoring and training (in herbal medicine and natural cosmetic-making).
  • As your Healthcare Practitioner (see Clinics section for details).

Please email me on info@theherbalhub.com or call 00 353 (0)86 8899168 for all booking enquiries.

Talks & Lectures

I am a popular guest speaker and can give talks for the general public, specialist interest groups or full-scale professional referenced lectures at large venues. I offer talks for adults, teenagers or children.

Venues I’ve given talks and lectures at:
The big ones:

  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • The RDS, Dublin
  • Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden, London.
  • Crawford School of Art, Cork.

Some smaller ones:

  • national (primary) schools
  • secondary schools
  • community gardens
  • organic centres
  • community centres
  • health centres
  • libraries
  • art galleries
  • hotels etc.

Some groups and events that I’ve spoken for:

  • Botanica 2012: keynote speaker at the inaugural international conference on plant-based medicine at Trinity College, Dublin.
  • The Rude Health & Your Health Shows: Ireland’s annual health shows held at the RDS, Dublin.
  • Cork Free Choice Consumers Group: A specialist interest group run by Myrtle Allen, the founder of Ballymaloe, the renowned restaurant and cookery school.
  • Open Day at Irish Seed Savers Association: organic garden and seed bank.
  • National Heritage Week.
  • National Biodiversity Week.
  • HSE: Healthy Living Initiative (nation-wide government health project).
  • Historical groups, nature groups, organic gardens & centres, gardening groups, community groups, local interest groups, hotels (to entertain guests), health groups (carers support groups, support groups for people with different illnesses, HSE public health projects etc.), tour operators etc.

I offer talks on a range of topics:

  • Medical: e.g. herbal treatments for menopause, depression, arthritis, for children, for the elderly, general introductory talk, different methods of working with herbs etc.
  • Historical: history of medicine, history of herbal medicine, historical uses of plants, cultural and folklore influences etc.
  • Science: scientific research on therapeutic plants.
  • Wild food & foraging: introducing people to common, wild, edible plants.
  • Botanical: forgotten uses of wild flowers and plants.
  • Environmental: environmental and sustainability issues, green-washing, organics. Sustainability and working organically are vital in my work.
  • Natural cosmetic-making: talks for beginners, detailed lectures & training for professionals. Including key issues of sustainability of ingredient production and packaging as well as legal requirements and compliance for producing professional cosmetics brands.

If you have a particular topic in mind then please contact me at info@theherbalhub.com or on 086 8899168. If I can speak on this topic for you then I’d be delighted to; if I can’t then I will try to refer you to someone else who could.

Workshops, classes & courses

I have been teaching classes since May 2004. I am very knowledgeable, fun and engaging teacher.

I regularly teach classes on:

  • Herbal Medicine
  • Making Herbal Remedies
  • Natural Cosmetic-Making
  • Wild Food Foraging

Have your own idea for a class?:
I also design bespoke packages. Let me know what you have in mind and I will aim to provide a class tailored for you e.g. bath bomb workshops for kids, pampering classes for mothers & daughters, activities for Hen Weekends, herbal medicine classes for qualified medical professionals etc.

Guided Walks & Land Surveys

I’ve been taking guided wild herb & food foraging walks for 10 years. These walks can be open to the general public or booked for specialist interest groups. They can be made suitable for adults, teenagers, children or a mixed group. They are even popular as a Hen Weekend activity! They can take place where I’m based in County Clare, at a suitable place in your County or you can book a private survey on your own land or garden.

Read more about foraging walks (including hosting a herb/foraging walk where you are) here.

Read more about my land survey service here.



I have a lot of media experience and am regularly asked by journalists to discuss current issues affecting herbal medicine.

Telly: I co-presented a hit RTE 1 series with celebrity chef Richard Corrigan and organic gardener Kitty Scully. This was a road-show that featured a weekly slot where I foraged for an herb that was then used to make a wild food, a remedy or a cosmetic. This series is often repeated on RTE. I also featured on the TG4 series Garrai Glas, again foraging for wild herbs and making a remedy from them.

Radio: I’ve been interviewed by various Irish radio stations about issues relating to herbal medicine. These interviews have been live and recorded.

Printed media: My work has featured in the Irish Times several times as well as in local press.


Visiting Practitioner at your Clinic

It may be possible for me to hold a regular monthly herbal clinic at your clinic. Please contact me to discuss this: email me on info@theherbalhub.com or call 00 353 (0)86 8899168


Research & Business Consultancy

I have extensive experience developing my own natural product range and have assisted with and designed natural products for other companies, as well as guiding them through the legal process of bringing a product to market. I may also be able to help you if you are a researcher investigating the properties and uses of therapeutic plants. I am very keen to hear from people working in this area.


Book Me

Please Email me on info@theherbalhub.com or call 00 353 (0)86 8899168

Ethics, Standards & Integrity

Please note that I don’t do talks or events for organisations that I consider to be unethical for environmental or health reasons and have quite the list of organisations that I have turned down over the years. Please don’t attempt to hire me to green-wash or health-wash your business or event. Anyone booking me has to sign a declaration that they will not do this. Environmentalism and health are not a game! Thank you.