How to Contact Vivienne

Warm Greetings!

Thanks for your interest in contacting me.

I work between Portugal, Ireland & the UK.

Below are details of my contact number, email address and postal address as well as my working hours and response time.

Please note that I’m notoriously hard to catch on the phone!

I recommend sending an email and we can schedule time to speak

(via video call/Zoom).



Contact Details

* Email:

* WhatsApp: +353868899168

* Postal Address:

My postal address is monitored and I will receive correspondence even when I am away working in other countries. Please send postal correspondence to:

Vivienne Campbell,

Rua Correia Teles, 28 A,




Working Hours

* Working Hours: My working hours vary. My main days for admin are Mondays & Fridays. I often teach in evenings and at weekends. I can be offline at other times as I prepare and produce classes & courses (although during each weekday I do check & try to respond to anything urgent).

* Time Zone: Portugal, Ireland & UK (GMT).

* Normal Response Time: Emails, voicemails, texts, social media messages etc. are dealt with during my regular working hours. I try to respond within 1-3 working days but during times when I am away teaching or running events, replies will take longer (an autoresponder notice will be in place during these times).