COVID-19 NOTE: These classes have been suspended during the pandemic but we hope and plan to run them again in 2022 (in London and Ireland).

If you would like to know when 2022 classes have been confirmed please email Vivienne [] and ask for the CPD Aromatherapy Class. She will add you to this class list and will be in touch.

Enhance your practise with herbal extracts.

Discover how to make and use your own herbal extracts so that you can apply them in treatments for your clients.

Get CPD points*    

*check eligibility with your professional association.


Classes coming up:

at Obus, Co. Kildare in IRELAND (date tbc 2022)*

and at MSCM, London, UK (date tbc 2022).

*NOTE: The 2019 class at Obus sold out within 4 weeks and had a waiting list.

I recommend booking this promptly.


While aromatherapists love and use plant extracts (that’s what essential oils are after all!) there are many other herbal extracts that can easily be made at home and combine beautifully with essential oils to enhance treatments. Herbal infused oils such as arnica, calendula (marigold) and comfrey are widely available from aromatherapy suppliers and are often used as base oils by aromatherapists but there are dozens of options for using other therapeutic herbs to make your own infused oils to help to treat a wide variety of conditions in your clinic. Other topical herbal treatments include poultices, compresses and linaments. These techniques are easy to use when you know how and are deeply therapeutic. There are dozens of local medicinal herbs growing around you such as daisy, plantain, mullein etc. There are also culinary herbs with medicinal properties e.g. rosemary, thyme, sage etc that can be put to good use in topical treatments too. Extracts can be made from herbs bought in from professional herbal suppliers or grown and dried at home.

This class includes:

  • How to make: herbal infused (macerated) oils, poultices, linaments & compresses (we will also try these out in the class)

  • Recommended medicinal herbal infusions (therapeutic teas) to accompany these treatments (including tea tastings).

  • Theory and safety of using these medicinal herbs and extracts.

  • 2 x samples of herbal infused oils made on the day to bring home.

  • All made with certified organic ingredients.

Infused Oils

  • How to make these
  • Record keeping, cleanliness, GMP, traceability, storage of oils and ingredients, shelf-life etc. The admin and legal requirements of making your own extracts for use in your clinic.
  • Herbs suitable for infused oils for different ailments and treatments e.g. herbal infused oils to improve circulation, lymphatic function, relieve chest infections, enhance skin healing, ease aches and pains, relax muscles etc.
  • For each herb: therapeutic action, safety (adults/children/pregnancy/any potential drug interaction issues/contraindications for use), ratio of recommended dilution etc.
  • Combining infused oils with essential oils: enhancing the therapeutic action of essential oils, reducing exposure to allergens, safety for practitioners and clients etc.
  • Adding local therapeutic herbs to aromatherapy treatments e.g. daisy, cleavers, mullein, plantain etc. Expanding your options for treatments in your clinic. Reducing the cost of buying in products by making some of your own.
  • Making your own; buying/commissioning bespoke runs from specialist herbal suppliers.
  • Using infused oils to make ointments, balms and other topical treatments.

Drying Herbs

  • A brief overview of techniques for drying herbs properly, for people who would like to make extracts from their own garden.
  • List of recommended suppliers of dried herbs.

Recommended Herbal Tea Blends to Enhance Treatments

  • Safe and effective herbal teas to recommend to enhance treatments e.g. improve general health, nourish the body, improve circulation, digestion, lymphatic function, pregnancy support, increase fertility etc.
  • Key safety info and dosage info.
  • Recommended suppliers of ingredients/blends.

Other Topical Treatments for Clinical Use

  • Using essential oils, herbal infused oils and water/vinegar/hydrosol/alcohol extracts in poultices, linaments and compresses.
  • The benefits and suitability of each type of treatment.
  • Discerning when one type of treatment would be of benefit over another (e.g. active components that are extracted in to water, oil, vinegar etc).
  • Making balms, ointments and body butters. The suitability of each type of topical treatment in terms of treating different conditions e.g. topical treatments to avoid that might aggravate a condition etc.

General Info Included

  • Recipe handouts
  • Recommended suppliers (dried herbs, base oils etc.)

Practical Demos

Vivienne will make the following extracts in the class. Participants will get to handle and try out these extracts.

1. Infused oils: the whole process, including infused oil samples to bring home. Vivienne will make two different infused oils for two contrasting uses to help students to compare and contrast the different oils and understand how they would be of benefit in their clinic.

2. Poultices

3. Compresses

4. Linaments

5. Herbal infusions (therapeutic strength herbal teas)…including tea-tastings.

Note: All ingredients used are certified organic.



*This class is for qualified aromatherapists only.          


Widely accepted by most professional bodies.

>IAAMA: Download the CPE form, bring it to the class and I will fill it out for you.

Completion of this course by IFPA members gives the student 7 category A CPD points

>IPTI :  Validated by IPTI. 5 CPD points for this class.

For other professional associations, please check with them for eligibility/points awarded. Contact me if you need me to provide more details to them.

DATE: Hoping to run this again in 2023

COST: €150 including products made, materials, hand-outs etc.

*NOTE: The 2019 class at Obus sold out within 4 weeks and had a waiting list.

If you want to attend this class I truly recommend booking it now.

CLASS: Herbal Medicine for Aromatherapists (CPD class)

TIME: 9.30am – 5.30 pm

HOSTED BY OBUS School of Healing Therapies


DATE: Hoping to run this again in 2022

COST: £125 + VAT including products made, materials, hand-outs etc.

Places available

CLASS: Herbal Medicine for Aromatherapists (CPD class)

TIME: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm

VENUE: Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine,

 **Depending on demand this class will take place in the West Harrow venue or Mount Vernon Hospital, Rickmansworth Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2RN, LONDON, UK.




“I really enjoyed your class yesterday, very interesting and your passion and knowledge for what you do shines through….Loved your course, I’m so drawn to this area, would love to do more in relation to herbal stuff I shall be following you as I loved your energy and knowledge…”

Jodie Redmond Stack

“We had a ball making potions and lotion. Vivienne Campbell is a very knowledgeable and engaging tutor…We had an amazing day.”

Christine Courtney, IFPA, Owner & School Principal Obus School of Wellness.

I have mixed the bottle I received at training with aloe vera to make a soothing face mask for my daughter who couldn’t get rid of spots. She says it’s amazing! And her skin is so much better!”

Aisling Clinton, Seaside Therapies, Ireland.

“Outstanding! Vivienne gave so much knowledge, energy and passion to this day. I am leaving inspired to go and create teas, salads, balms, macerates and way more from what I once thought of as ‘just weeds’. My eyes have been opened. Loved it x x”

A happy student at MSCM, London, 2019

“That was an amazing day! Highly recommend this course to other therapists. Very informative, practical and easy to incorporate into my work.”

Student at MSCM, London, 2019

“Very impressive and interesting course.”

Student at MSCM, London, 2019.


*If you can’t manage the online booking system or would rather pay by postal order or cheque please contact me by email or phone.

*If this class has already sold out when you try to book it then please email me to get on the waiting list for the next class.


Tel/Text/WhatsApp from within Ireland: 0868899168

Tel/Text/WhatsApp from countries outside of Ireland: 00353868899168


  • The cost is for the workshop and includes the cost of materials used, hand-outs provided and herbal products to take home.
  • Places are limited. Numbers of participants are always restricted to ensure quality of teaching.
  • These classes are aimed at adults. Please contact me if you are under 18 and want to book a class (some venues do not allow under 18s on the premises).
  • Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Vivienne does not reserve places for people without payment. Payment of the full workshop fee is required in order to book your place.
  • Please book in advance! These classes take lots and lots of preparation and require Vivienne to have hand-outs printed, enough stock ordered in and prepared for every class participant and (if on east coast) time to drive and set up on the other side of the country. Last minute bookings drive Vivienne totally mad! If a class isn’t full far enough in advance then Vivienne will cancel it. Don’t expect to ring the day before and be told that it’s ok to come along the next day.

Cancellations, Transfers & Refunds: If a cancellation is received 2 weeks or more before the class then the full fee will be refunded. Refunds are not available for cancellations received 2 weeks or less before the class date. This is because class size is always restricted to ensure quality of teaching and because lots of preparation, high quality stock and time and effort go in to running these classes! It would also mean lots of time messing around on my website re-listing and promoting the place in the class at the last minute and I’m not prepared to do this or to pay someone else to do it for me. Want more info? CLICK HERE to read my policy in full.

MLM reps: are welcome to attend my classes and learn from me but, I hereby make it known that I do NOT tolerate people using my classes to recruit customers or more reps for the pyramid scheme product that they use or sell. [MLM means ‘multi-level marketing’ company: sales reps get paid commission to recruit more customers and new sales reps]. Any MLM rep doing this will be told to leave this class and will not receive a refund. I don’t promote or endorse one brand of products at my classes. Instead I clearly teach people what ingredients actually are, how to use them safely and joyfully, and give a list of reliable suppliers of the highest quality ingredients. I do NOT receive a commission from these suppliers: they are my genuine recommendations based  my years’ of experience as qualified herbalist, international educator and professional natural skincare formulator.

  Vivienne has taught classes since 2004.