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Understanding these common skin conditions

and exploring herbal treatments for them.

These skin conditions often effect adults and children.

They are not dangerous but can cause a great deal of discomfort, distress, maddening itching and make sufferers feel very self-consciouness about how their skin looks as people stare or make comments about it.


They are very misunderstood conditions. This can result in the wrong treatments being applied that don’t help, can damage the skin or in some circumstances can even make the eczema worse!

Herbal treatments for eczema are safe (when you know how to use them properly) and inexpensive to make at home or buy.

When you properly understand eczema & dermatitis and what is likely to be causing the type that YOU have then you are much more likely to be able to choose appropriate treatments for it.

This gives you a much better chance of getting some genuine relief from the symptoms and possibly even properly clearing up the condition as you address the underlying causes and the skin becomes healthier and stronger.

About this e-class...

You’ll need to know what’s more likely to be the right approach to use for YOUR eczema or dermatitis, which herbal regime is most appropriate for you, which dosage to take, how long to use it for and other details key to help you to make a suitable plan to try to help yourself.

Natural remedies often fail because people choose the wrong treatment or don’t understand how much to use to be effective.

So in this class Vivienne takes a detailed look at the following key areas:


Vivienne explains what these conditions really are: the key features of and differences between eczema, dermatitis and other skin issues that people might mistake for them.


What can trigger these conditions or make them worse? It’s not the same for everyone. Are you eating a food that’s causing flare-ups? Is stress making it worse? Is there something in your environment that you are touching that’s triggering it? Vivienne discusses a range of factors that can be contributing and gives her tips for recognising the key signs that can indicate each one. This should help you to determine what is more likely to be of relevance to the type of eczema or dermatitis that YOU have.


Steroid creams, emollients etc. A quick look at what you’re likely to be offered by the GP or Dermatologist, the main issues with and side-effects of using these products (as well as the occasions where they can be a useful standby to help to manage these conditions).

♥ The Herbal Approach to Treatments:

In herbal medicine we always try to find and treat the underlying cause of a condition, not just simply bring short-term relief of the symptoms. We approach treating eczema and dermatitis in different ways, determined by the most likely factors causing the conditions e.g. allergy, dietary issues etc. Vivienne gives her tips on how to recognise these (and many other factors) and how to approach treating it in each circumstance. Herbal treatment is usually a combination of taking suitable herbs internally as tonics, as well as applying herbal treatments (e.g. creams) directly to the skin that is effected.

♥ Using herbal medicines internally.

Vivienne discusses herbal mixtures and tonics based on the potential causes of eczema (e.g. stress, allergy, digestive issues, skin health, ‘detox’ etc.) and to support healthy skin. These can be consumed in the form that you prefer e.g. teas, infusions, tinctures, vinegar extracts etc. Recipes are in the online classroom, a guide to dosages for adults and children is also included.

♥ Using herbal treatments on the skin

“Please help me to relieve that maddening itch!”

Whatever the underlying cause of the eczema or dermatitis you will still want something that you can apply directly to the skin that may help to relieve the itching quickly and reduce the constant urge to scratch the skin. Vivienne shares various herbal treatments that can be applied directly to the skin to help to bring some relief to this common symptom and to try to improve the health of the skin. She includes her recommendations for DIY home-use treatments as well as tried and trusted convenient herbal creams you can buy and keep stocked up on for self-treatments. You do NOT need to make all the treatments and remedies from scratch yourself.

♥ When to see a Professional:

We always need to recognise our limits when treating ourselves or our families with home remedies. Vivienne discusses when it is safe to try your own treatments, warning signs that may indicate something more serious, when you should consult a qualified herbalist or other suitable medical professional for appropriate help e.g. doctor, dermatologist etc.

♥ What not to put on the eczema or dermatitis:

Believe it or not, some natural and organic treatments can worsen and aggravate eczema and dermatitis. Learn what to avoid and why, and which form of herbal treatments to try instead.

This e-class is here to empower you to find the best help for your eczema or dermatitis.

When you truly understand the medical condition that you have then you are in a better position to seek the right help for it and this means that you can usually manage it much better, instead of suffering on in a frustrating and powerless negative cycle.

With a little bit of effort it is usually straight forward to start to understand these skin conditions and begin to turn them around.

Vivienne truly wants you to have the tools to be able to do this for yourself.

LEVEL: Open to (nearly) everyone!

Suitable for beginners & home use: herb enthusiasts, people who would like to learn more about herbal medicine, people developing their home herbalism skills, for people who might already make a few herbal remedies but would like to learn more in-depth about this area of working with herbs etc.

♥ Qualified herbalists & herb students: are welcome to attend and it may count towards training hours or as CPD. This is NOT intended as a CPD course for practitioners, it is aimed at helping the general public to use these herbs at home, but if you see the content and lessons could be of benefit to you in your work and studies then you are of course most welcome to join.

♥ Practitioners of other disciplines: e.g. holistic therapists, aromatherapists, doctors etc. who would like a basic introduction to how herbs can be used in these circumstances.

♥ Natural cosmetic-makers and professional formulators: While you can’t claim on your cosmetics to treat medical skin conditions, it can often be useful for you to learn about them and the herbs and oils better suited to them so that you can formulate better products to help with skin health.

♥ Not suitable for children. This class is aimed at adults.

E-Class Format

♥ This is a 2½ hour live online video class.

♥ IMPORTANT: Vivienne will be the only person on video. People attending live simply type in their questions which Vivienne will read out (anonymously if you’d prefer), so you don’t need to worry about being on video yourself, speaking in front of strangers or hearing wonky sound from other participants.

♥ Vivienne will present the class live on video, showing slides with details of eczema & dermatitis, what they look like, causes & aggravating factors, key points about different treatments, featured herbs and herbal treatments (internal and applied to the skin).


♥ Q&A: There will be time in the class for people to questions on about this topic.

♥ You will be able to download and keep PDF notes about eczema, dermatitis and the herbal treatments plans that we cover in this class.

♥ Where to find herbs: Also included is a list of recommended companies who retail dried herbs, herbal creams, oils and tinctures directly to the public to help you to get access to any ingredients that you’d like to use.

♥ Recording: a video recording from the live class will available to watch afterwards, so even if you can’t make the live broadcast time, you can still get access to the class and all the info.

♥ Numbers limited: The group size is kept small to ensure quality of teaching and to help to create a friendly, welcoming and inclusive group that is conducive to learning. [♥♥Genuine Learning♥♥]

♥ Keep access to the class. No expiry or additional charges.

♥♥Genuine Learning♥♥:

Vivienne supports her e-courses & e-classes with live sessions so that people get a chance to ask their questions. This is because she knows that having the opportunity to ask a reliable and experienced teacher your questions is so often the key difference between you genuinely understanding something (and having the confidence and skills to be able to go on to use it) or  simply passively collecting information that you don’t understand properly (and are therefore too scared to use or act on). Cheaper courses usually skip this vital component of learning. We need less info over-whelm and more understanding, evaluation skills and ACTION! Vivienne genuinely wants you to be able to use these things in your life.



It is NOT a diagnosis or a personal, individual medical consultation. It is general health information only. Vivienne cannot diagnose medical conditions via the internet! To have a diagnosis confirmed, please see a medical professional in person where you live e.g. GP, doctor, dermatologist.

It is not a qualification or a professional level class.

♦ It is for your own interest for use at home.

♦ At the end of this class you will not receive a certificate or be qualified to treat people in a clinic.

It is not a detailed, practical extract-making class: This is a deep dive into looking at these medical skin conditions. It is not a practical class on medicine-making techniques and does not include how to make complex extracts and products such as emulsion-making etc. These are very specialised and take hours and hours to teach (and days, weeks and months to learn!). If you would like info about where to learn in detail about how to make advanced extracts and products mentioned during this live class about eczema, then please email Vivienne and she will send you the relevant links to where you can book or find these. This class does include straight-forward DIY remedies that anyone can make at home (e.g. herbal hand baths, poultices etc.), without advanced techniques or equipment, as well as options for buying products that are too complex to make without investing time and money in specialist equipment and ingredients. You don’t need to make everything yourself: simply buy the more complicated products (e.g. creams etc.) from one of Vivienne’s recommended herb suppliers.


♦ If you are a qualified professional, medical practitioners, holistic/complimentary practitioner then this class may count towards CPD/CPE learning credits with your professional association.

♦ However, it will NOT qualify you to use herbs in your work. It will give a nice introduction and overview to how herbs can be used, and from here you may want to go on to train in this area.

♦ Vivienne can issue you with a digital certificate of your attendance (if you attend the class live).

♦ Contact your professional association to check their CPD/CPE requirements.

♥ Qualified herbalists & herb students: This class is aimed at the general public for home use treatments. However, if you want to learn more about herbal dermatology and see that the content of this lesson could be of benefit to you in your work and studies then you are most welcome to join. It may count towards training hours or CPD: you would need to check that with the school you are training with or your professional association if you are already qualified. You are most welcome to attend this purely for your own interest.


Class details


This class is very popular and books up quickly.

  • Date: Wednesday 19th APRIL 2023

  • Time: 7 pm – 9.30 pm Ireland/Portugal/UK time BST (GMT+1).

  • Cost: €45 (approx £40/USD$47).


Recordings available afterwards: You can still get access to the classes if you can’t attend live. If you know that you won’t be able to join a live class then you are welcome to email your questions on the topic to Vivienne and she will do her best to cover these during the live session. You can then see her answers when you watch back the recording at a time that suits you.

Class Size Limited

♥ Student numbers in this live group will be limited to ensure quality of teaching so that people get a fair chance to ask questions and learn properly.[♥♥Genuine Learning♥♥]

♥ Places are first-come-first-served so if you know that you want to join this then please don’t delay booking your spot.


Q. I don’t have time to forage/grow herbs/I live in the city and don’t have access to fresh herbs. Will I need these to do this course?

A. No, you don’t need access to fresh herbs to do this course and make the recipes and remedies I teach in it. They are easy to make using dried herbs and/or tinctures that can be purchased ready made. I’ve included a list of recommended suppliers that retail dried herbs and tinctures directly to the public (although this isn’t available for every country in the world, I’ve done my best though, and if you live in a country that isn’t listed, please let me know and I’ll look into what might be available there for you).

Q. I don’t know what the herbs look like or how to identify plants. Does this matter? Can I still join the course?

A. It doesn’t matter at all! You don’t need to know how to recognise the plants to use this course. It’s not relevant. Just buy the herbs ready prepared for you as dried herbs or tinctures. If at a later time you want to learn what they look like, you can start to explore that part of working with these herbs then.

Q. Are the herbal ingredients expensive to buy?

A. No. I generally don’t use expensive things! Dried herbs are usually the most economical way to work with herbal medicines. They vary in price depending on the herb, but most are around £5 for a bag of 50 g dried. When you find ones you really like, they can usually be bought in larger amounts (e.g. 500g) and this reduces the price. Tinctures cost more because they are extracted using alcohol and that is a more expensive ingredient. On average expect to pay around £12 per 100 ml bottle, again depending on which herb it is and how much work goes in to producing the medicine.

Q. I’m already doing a course with you that contained a lesson about eczema. Will this new class be the same or will it have more information and content for me? Should I book it or not?

A. Some of the content will be similar but this class is likely to go into much more depth on the topic. If you are already doing a course with me that contains a specific lesson on eczema & dermatitis (i.e. Look After Your Children with Herbs or Natural Cosmetic-Making at Home with Herbs) then please email me and I will send you a discount code to reflect that.

Q. I’ve got a gift voucher/credit note. Can I use this to buy this course?

A. Yes, you sure can! Enter your gift voucher code on the checkout page. If you have any problems doing this then please email Vivienne ( and she will sort this out for you.

Q. I know someone who would love this. Can I buy it for them as a gift?

A. Yes you sure can! Click the option to buy the course as a gift (or email me if you need any help and I’ll set it up for you).

Q. Are there any payment options available other than credit/debit cards or Pay Pal:

A. Possibly, depending on your location. Please email Vivienne to see what it may be possible to set up instead (

Q. I want to attend but can’t pay for the class today. Could I please pay a deposit or pay with installments to reserve my place?

A. Sure. Just email Vivienne ( and she’ll try to work this out with you.

Here's what people have said about this class...

” It was absolutely brilliant…! You’re an angel! You confirmed so much from my history of skin issues & I learnt stacks more too!
Can’t thank you enough for all your expertise & advice. 
Sitting drinking my freshly boiled herbal tea this morning felt a real comfort.”

” Absolutely wonderful class as usual.”

“First I want to say that I loved the live class. Not just this one, all the courses that you provide are awesome, full of useful information and, above that, you really emanate energy, passion and love for the herbs. I am very thankful that I found you, and sad it didn’t happen sooner.”

“Thank you for the seminar. I joined from Brisbane Australia which meant starting time at 5am!.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for a really enjoyable and informative workshop.
I learnt lots and look forward to more!”

Please don’t suffer on with your skin condition.

Let’s try to help you get to the bottom of it and find a better way to treat it.

Together we can try to lift ourselves up and improve our lives with simple, sustainable steps.


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  • The course costs €45 (approx £40/USD$47).

  • Includes the 2½ hour live class, the pdf guides & recipes and access to the video recording.