Using Herbs in Natural Cosmetics: 

An inspirational guide and reference to using well-known and forgotten herbs in your natural skincare products.



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Product Development and Business Consultancy

I have extensive experience developing my own professional natural cosmetic range and have assisted with, formulated and designed natural cosmetics for other parties, as well as guiding them through the legal process of bringing a product to market. I may also be able to help you if you are a researcher investigating the properties and uses of therapeutic plants. I am very keen to hear from people working in this area.


Consultancy work is available via Zoom (video conferencing), email and (if required) meetings in-person. It is most suited to people who need to comply with EU cosmetics legislation (i.e. anyone who wants to sell cosmetics within the EU, whether made by yourself or imported for sale here).


I offer ‘Pick-My-Brain’ consultations via Zoom to discuss your idea. These cost €150 (approx $175) per 60 min session (longer sessions are available too). This includes any notes and guides that I send on to you as well as a video recording of our consultation so that you can refer back to it. These 1 hour sessions can be very helpful for people who just need guidance and advice in one particular area of their skincare business e.g. help making professional herbal extracts, sourcing suitable ingredients from reliable suppliers, trouble-shooting problem areas, getting suggestions for effective herbs suitable for specific products. There can also be the option of working together on a long-term in-depth project. Should you want to take things further after having discussed your idea during this initial ‘Pick My Brain’ session, then I will then send you my step-by-step consultancy questionnaire which details the work and costs involved at each step of product development.


If you would like to book one of these sessions then please email me with the title ‘E-Consultancy’ with a brief note of what you require help with  and to schedule consultancy time.


When discussing your business ideas with ANYONE I recommend that you use and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (so that you have a legal document to prevent people stealing your idea). I am happy to sign an NDA for anyone that I work with.

Book a Consultancy Session

Please email me at  with an outline of the topic you’d like me to help you with and we will schedule a suitable time.

Learn how to use local herbs in Vivienne’s online video course

Learn with the Seasons: Forage for and use medicinal and edible wild plants.

A practical approach to using medicinal & edible herbs in your everyday life.


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(teaching world-wide since 2015)

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UPCOMING EVENTS with Vivienne: 

Botanica 2018 conference:

  Celebrating Clinical aromatherapy and herbal medicine. Meet distillers and suppliers. Learn from some of the most knowledgable people in the world. 

SKINCARE FORAGING WALK with Vivienne Campbell: Discover wild & cultivated plants that can be used to treat skin conditions and are the source of ingredients used in natural cosmetics, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

Vivienne Campbell is a qualified herbalist, professional cosmetic-formulator and foraging teacher. In this gentle amble around the grounds she will show local wild plants that can be applied to the skin topically (e.g. as poultices, ointments, creams or macerated oils) or taken internally to improve skin health and relieve some skin conditions. We will also see plants that are the sources of seed oils, fixed oils, essential oils and hydrosols. Vivienne is passionate about the importance of organic growing and sustainability. She loves teaching people to appreciate the plants that grow around us and the vast amount of work that goes in to producing the ingredients that we use in our clinics and products and so often take for granted.



Uncommon Scents: the Movie: upcoming documentary about essential oils. Vivienne interviewed for this (so were Robert Tisserand and Jeanne Rose!).

View trailer/donate/get more info here: