Healthy Skin & Hair with Herbs

Learn about local herbs that can help to improve the health of the skin and hair:

Daisy, seaweeds, plantain, chickweed, roses, marshmallow, meadowsweet…there are dozens of wonderful plants that can be used in this way.

    * Using herbs inside & outside for skin & hair health: Vivienne will introduce safe local herbs that can be blended and drunk as herbal tonics, or extracted and applied topically as skincare & haircare treatments.

    * She will also mention some of the medical causes of skin issues such as eczema or acne and some of the DIY home treatments that can be used to try to relieve them, as well as suggestions for where to seek professional help should you require that.

    * See examples of herbal extracts that can easily be made at home in your own kitchen, that are beautiful, beneficial and enjoyable to use on the skin.

    * This free intro class will include a short tour around Vivienne’s natural skincare & haircare video course [click here for more info] to show what it’s like and how to use it should people wish to go on to learn these practical extract-making skills in more depth.

    * Joining a live class is a great chance to ask questions related to this fascinating topic! If you can’t attend live, please email your questions to Vivienne in advance. She will do her best to answer your question during the live class and you can see her answers when you watch the recording.

 LEVEL: Open to all!

From total beginners to people with experience making skincare, this intro session is open to anyone who would like to learn about safe and beneficial ways that herbs can be used at home to help to support skin health.

Who am I and why learn from me about herbal skincare?

* Hi, I’m Vivienne Campbell and I’m a qualified herbalist (2003).

* I love making natural skincare! I’ve been doing this since I was 19 (that was a very long time ago!).

* I’ve taught cosmetic-making workshops since 2010, had my own professional retail brand, consult & teach professional brands how best to use herbs in their products and gave a lecture in 2017 for the professional organic skincare school Formula Botanica.

* Because I run a herbal clinic I also understand the varied reasons that people can have skin problems. This can really help people choose ingredients that are more likely to suit their skin type and soothe issues with it so that they can make their own treatments and products for themselves at home.

* Because I’m a foraging teacher I love showing people local wild herbs that can be used in natural cosmetics: cleansers, toners, moisturisers, hair care, baths, even deodorants! But don’t worry if you’ve not got time or the access to grow or harvest fresh herbs: I know excellent herbal suppliers where you can buy dried herbs so you can get going right away using herbs at home to make your own extracts.

* You can find out more about me here.

Book into one of the upcoming live classes

Which class should you book?

If this class is offered on more than one date then please be aware that the content on the various dates will be similar so please select a date and time that would suit you, rather than registering for all of them.

Can’t attend live? No problem!

Video recordings are available too so you can still watch if you can’t attend live. Please register for a class in order to attend it live or receive the recording afterwards.


Thursday 13th July 2023

7.30 pm Ireland/UK time/BST/Lisbon time

(11.30 am  PT/2.30 pm ET)

“Thank you for kindly sharing your knowledge,

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your webinar.”

“It’s been a wonderful hour-

thank you.”


“I’ve loved this wonderful evening.

I can’t wait to join up and learn more.”

“This has been super informative. You have such wonderful energy.

Thank you for creating this amazing course.”

It truly is my JOY and PLEASURE to help you learn!

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