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Watch a free intro class about medicinal & edible wild Spring Herbs

This is one of many free intro beginners’ classes that I did during the lock-down from March-June 2020. During these months we covered many local herbs including wild roses, meadowsweet, plantain, cleavers, blackthorn & whitethorn, silverweed etc. To receive access to these please sign up for my newsletter.

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Watch videos from international conferences, health shows, from podcast interviews etc. on topics as varied as herbs for health, making your own remedies, using herbs in professional organic skincare and more.

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Watch a sample lesson from my online course.

Ever wondered what it’s like to learn online? Have a sneak-peek in to my lesson about Hawthorn flowers from my Spring & Early Summer course.



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From common local plants that you probably didn’t know were edible, to rarer wild plants that were once commonly used and are now (nearly) forgotten.



In June 2017 I interviewed for the Forage Botanicals podcast. I spoke about the uses of ROSES: a medicinal, edible and cosmetic plant that I adore. I frequently use it in my herbal medicine clinic and find it to be profoundly healing and balancing for a wide range of conditions, including stress, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks etc. In fact, I could not run my clinic without this wonderful plant: I find it irreplaceable.

This excellent podcast is run by Natasha Richardson,  a medical herbalist whose work (in her clinic in London and online) focuses on helping women to have better periods. She says “I don’t think our wombs should feel like a curse or something that holds us back in life. By using natural remedies, lifestyle tips and awareness of your body it’s possible to come to love your lady bits again.”

Click the link to listen to this podcast. It’s quite long and there’s a lot of laughter! The interview with me starts at around 5 mins; Natasha asks me about my training and why I became a herbalist; and then at around 20 mins we finally start to talk about ROSES!

Thanks Natasha for having me as a guest on your podcast.

And many thanks for letting me share the recording with my students!


Over the years I’ve been interviewed several times by the national press. Here are links to some of these articles.

Article by Sylvia Thompson

From Sept 2012

‘Sweet Smell of Growing Success’

Interview and feature about my work and as key-note speaker at Botanica 2012 conference at Trinity College, Dublin. Click here to read article.

Article by Dr Oliver Moore

From June 2017

‘Great Insights in to Growing Organic’

Q&A interview with me about my wild food and medicinal herb foraging walks in Irish Examiner.  Click here to read the article.

Article by Fionnuala Fallon

From May 2015

‘Finding Hidden Treasure in your Garden’

Feature about my Land Survey Service by the gardening correspondent for the Irish Times  Click here to read article.

Article by Kitty Scully.

From Sept. 2015

A review of my herbal medicine & wild food foraging online course by the gardening correspondent for The Irish Examiner. Click here to read Kitty’s article.


Using Herbs in Natural Cosmetics: 

An inspirational guide and reference to using well-known and forgotten herbs in your natural skincare products.

I am currently writing a book on this topic. I also teach a series of specialist online classes for natural cosmetic-formulators based on this work (so that people can get help in this area now). Sign-up below to receive notifications when these online classes and publication are available.


The amount of information online can be overwhelming for people: it takes experience to tell the reliable sources of info from the bad ones. My regular newsletter about medicinal, edible and cosmetic herbs goes out twice a month. I’ve got articles lined up on a variety of topics: from home use to hospitals, from skincare to sustainability, from essential oils to edible treats. Whether you are a total beginner or someone with experience, there should be something of interest for you here. If you would like to learn from a source more reliable than an online search or a novice group then please click this link to sign up to receive my new newsletter. Thank you! I look forward to sharing my experience with you so that you can start to use herbs joyfully and with confidence.