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 Thanks for your interest in learning about the medicinal & edible plants that surround us.

You are as welcome as the flowers in May!

I hope that you find these resources helpful on your journey to learn about these wonderful plants.




Watch my free videos covering common questions about making & using your own herbal medicines and starting to use foraged wild foods.

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These free videos will be available to view from June 2017


Watch recordings of webinars where I talk about seasonal plants and answer people’s questions about medicinal herbs & wild food foraging.

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CLICK HERE to watch the webinar about Making your own Herbal Remedies at Home.

Free E-course Lesson

Watch a sample lesson from my online course.

Ever wondered what it’s like to learn online? Have a sneak-peek in to my lesson about Hawthorn.

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Good old-fashioned reading!

Read my blogs

From common local plants that you probably didn’t know were edible, to rarer wild plants that were once commonly used and are now (nearly) forgotten.

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Herb TV

Watch interviews on Herb TV with other herbalists, wild food foragers, researchers and ecologists.

This new feature will begin in 2017!

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