Join Vivienne in this introductory online class where she shares her clinical experience helping people with herbs as part of their cancer care plan.

Herbs can ease some of the common side-effects from chemotherapy, radiotherapy and recovery from surgery.

Adding herbs into foods and using suitable soothing recipes can  be of help to raise energy levels, soothe discomfort and aid convalescence.

Join this live class to hear some examples of using herbs this way. Collaboration between different professionals can really bring benefits for the patient. The simplest techniques can greatly improve quality of life during this time and that’s what the patient needs more than anything.

This is what one of these webinar classes look like.

Video recordings are available too so you can still watch it if you can’t attend live.

Please register for a class in order to attend it live or receive the recording afterwards.

Upcoming classes available:

Herbal Help in Cancer Care

INCLUDES: Case histories and examples from my clinic; recipes to aid convalescence, the 3 key issues to try to improve for people, practical tips for helping the client while under hospital medical care.

BENEFITS TO AROMATHERAPISTS: Discover the potential of collaborating with other qualified practitioners who can have techniques to help to ease some of the side-effects that can make life so miserable for people during this time.

WHEN: Monday 17th Jan 2022, 7 pm Ireland/Lisbon/UK time/GMT