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Recommended e-class:

Herbal Help in Cancer Care

INCLUDES: Case histories and examples from my clinic; recipes to aid convalescence, the 3 key issues to try to improve for people, practical tips for helping the client while under hospital medical care.

BENEFITS TO AROMATHERAPISTS: Discover the potential of collaborating with other qualified practitioners who can have techniques to help to ease some of the side-effects that can make life so miserable for people during this time.

This is a free introductory class

Recommended Video Course

Natural Cosmetic-Making at Home with Herbs


  • Practical videos showing how to make herbal infused oils, massage bars, poultices, water-free creams, natural talc, glycerites, emulsions and much more. Also waste reduction tips including how to clean and re-use old packaging; waste suitable for compost etc.
  • Also includes an introduction to medical conditions that affect the skin and hair: In the ‘Skin Issue in Focus’ classes, I share my years of experience from my herbal medicine clinic, discussing eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, hair loss etc. helping people to better understand what these conditions actually are, which topical treatments can often soothe them and where to seek professional help for dealing with them.


  • Learn how to make herbal extracts properly.
  • Combine these with essential oils into products and treatments that you make.
  • Develop and expand your product-making skills.
  • Learn about taking herbs internally (as teas, tinctures etc.) to improve skin and hair health.
  • CPD/CPE credits may be available too: check with your professional association.
  • Connect to the plant sources of your ingredients on a whole new level and above all, Enjoy Yourself!



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With Aromatherapy discount: €150 (approx £130/ US$184)

Recommended CPD Class in-Person

Herbal Medicine for Aromatherapists (CPD class)

  • Enhance your practice with herbal extracts.

  • Discover how to make and use your own herbal extracts so that you can apply them in treatments for your clients.

  • Get CPD points  (check eligibility with your professional association).

This is a practical, hands-on class that takes place in-person in London (at MSCM) and Ireland (at Obus).

It is currently suspended due to the pandemic but we hope and plan to bring it back in 2022.


Recommended Video Class Recording

5 Herbs for Aromatherapists

  • Introducing my top 5 herbs that work beautifully with aromatherapy (Clue: For a change they’re not Calendula, Arnica, St John’s Wort or Comfrey!)

  • There’s so much more that can be used to enhance your work with essential oils.

  • This live class took place in 2020 but you can register here for my CPD Class & Courses mailing list to receive access to the video recording and class info right away.

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Herbs for Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Herbs for Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

An introductory collection including a video interview and podcast.

Cost: free

Level: open to all

Other courses, classes, consultancy, herb walks etc. with me


  • Consultancy for natural product development
  • Private tutoring
  • Video courses in herbalism, wild food and foraging

Herbal Medicine Classes

In real life! (not online)

Foraging & Wild Food Classes

In real life! (not online)

Natural Cosmetic-Making Classes

In real life! (not online)

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