Using Herbs in Professional Natural Skincare: Series of Specialist Online Classes

Make your range of products stand out by including professional  herbal extracts.

Series of Specialist Online Classes         

LEVEL: for people with experience making their own natural cosmetics (not suitable for beginners)

This series of specialist classes is for you if:

  • You are already making or are learning how to make your own professional natural skin and hair-care products aimed at the retail market.
  • You want to learn how to include herbs in your products but don’t know the best way to do this.
  • You are confused by conflicting advice from online sources.
  • You are frightened that you might do something wrong.
  • You want to know how to do your paperwork for your own extracts so that they are legally compliant.
  • You are concerned about safety issues but don’t know where to get reliable info.
  • You have bought herbal ingredients but don’t know how best to use them.
  • You’ve wasted ingredients before trying to make your own extracts but they’ve gone wrong and you don’t know why.

Content of classes include:

  • An overview of the various types of herbal extracts that are suitable for use in skin and hair-care products (including what’s practical to make yourself and what you’d be better to buy).
  • Making herbal infused (macerated) oils suitable for professional use.
  • How to write up your paperwork for your hand-made extracts.
  • Ingredient safety, concentrations and dosages.
  • Pregnancy: what’s safe; what’s not.
  • Reactions and sensitivities: how to avoid them; how to deal with them if they happen.
  • Lesser known skincare herbs: a change from the usual ingredients. Start to explore the potential of lesser known herbs for enhancing your products and giving them the edge to help them stand out from other brands.
  • Herbs and their suitability for different skin types e.g. herbs to avoid or use for people who have conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema etc.
  • Examples of various ways to add herbs in to a formula/recipe e.g. an emulsion face cream, a topical hair treatment.
  • Time in each lesson for you to ask me your questions.

This class will not include:

  • This class will not teach basic cosmetic-making-techniques. For example I will not demonstrate how to make an emulsion (it is assumed that people doing this class will already have tried making these). Instead we will look at a standard sample formulae e.g. an emulsion face cream and the various and best ways to incorporate herbal extracts in to them.

How the classes work:

  • This series consists of 4 x 2 hour live interactive classes broadcast online.
  • These live online classes will be taught using Zoom webinar software (this is usually very quick and easy to download and use).
  • Vivienne will present live during these classes.
  • The classes will contain Vivienne talking, slide show presentations and pdf guides and notes to accompany each topic.
  • There will be time for questions during every lesson.
  • Questions can be typed in to the chat bar.
  • The class size is restricted to 25 to ensure quality of teaching and allow people a fair chance to ask their questions.

What you will need:

  • In order to gain the most benefit from these classes it would be ideal if are available to attend the classes live.
  • However, video recordings will be available afterwards so if you can’t attend live you can send your questions in advance and watch the recording when it suits you.
  • A stable internet connection. It does NOT need to be super-fast broadband but I do recommend that it is a consistently-stable service. Webinar software broadcasts live over the internet. If you want to engage in this properly then the best service tends to be via a PC or laptop, especially if you use an ethernet cable. It will also work via mobile and Wifi but the service will vary depends on your mobile phone reception and if there are several other people in the household streaming services at exactly the same time.
  • If you can use Skype then you shouldn’t have a problem with these online classes because the technology is similar.


  • Time
  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Money
  • Wasted ingredients
  • The drain of endless online searches that generate conflicting info


ROOKIE ERRORS and the time, money, ingredients and stock that they waste.

Save Money on Specialist Consultancy:

This series covers the most common topics that I’ve been asked about over the last decade by natural skincare formulators. This is a cost-effective way to get a solid reliable basis of information from me. This means that you can save your budget for tailored professional consultancy sessions for exploring issues specifically for your brand when you really need them.

ELEVATE your natural skincare brand quickly: lose the fear and work with confidence.

Upcoming Courses Available:

This course comprises of a 2 hour class once per week for 4 weeks (i.e. 8 live teaching hours) and is available in January or March.


In January 2020 it is available on:

  7 pm – 9 pm GMT :

  • Wednesday 15th Jan.
  • Wednesday 22nd Jan.
  • Wednesday 28th Jan.
  • Wednesday 5th Feb.


In March 2020 it will be available on:

  7 pm – 9 pm GMT :

  • Monday 2nd March.
  • Monday 9th March.
  • Monday 16th March.
  • Monday 23rd March.

(Video recordings of the lessons will be available afterwards so don’t worry if you can’t attend all of the live sessions)


COST: €150 (approx £130/$167) for all 4 two-hour classes
including notes, pdf guides, Q&A sessions and access to the video recordings of these lessons.

There will be a maximum of 25 students for this series of classes to ensure that people get a fair chance to ask questions and learn properly.


Using Herbs in Professional Natural Skincare: Series of Specialist online classes

COST: €150

Using Herbs in Professional Natural Skincare: Series of Specialist online classes

COST: €150

The benefits of actively learning in small, specialist groups:

  • While it is not vital to attend to attend all of the lessons live and video recordings will be available to all students, I think that people tend to gain more benefit when they actively learn by engaging in a live class because the questions that other people ask can stimulate more ideas and lead to very interesting areas of further discussion.
  • We live in an age of passively collecting information and end up with too much information, much of it poor quality and conflicting, and lots of it that we won’t ever read or use properly. This is not genuine learning. Storing information is a not the same as having true knowledge and understanding of a topic.
  • Committing to engage together in a class on a focused subject is usually a much more efficient, active and productive way to learn.
  • They are an inexpensive way to learn.
  • I’m keeping the group size small so that everyone gets a fair chance to ask their questions and I can help more by following up on issues that people have.


“Thank you so much for your detailed responses to my questions.  You put a lot of time and effort into answering me, and I really appreciate it.”

“Yet another fantastic lesson yesterday! Thank you!”

“I would like to thank you first for the amazing course, you are very generous in sharing the information and I really appreciate the effort and time you put into it. “

“The debut online series was fabulous!”


*If you have any questions or if these classes have already sold out when you try to book then please email me to get on the waiting list for the next class.


Tel/Text/WhatsApp from within Ireland: 0868899168

Tel/Text/WhatsApp from countries outside of Ireland: 00353868899168

Why learn from Vivienne?

  • Vivienne has taught herbal classes since 2004.
  • She is a qualified medical herbalist [BSc (Hons) 2003].
  • She started her own natural skincare range in 2010.
  • She consults for professional natural skin and hair-care brands.
  • She knows the process of legally producing cosmetics for retail, the challenges this can pose when making your own extracts and how to do so safely, consistently & reliably.
  • She gave a lecture and Q&A for the professional organic skincare school Formula Botanica.
  • She understands herbal ingredients very well and especially the issues that natural cosmetic-makers can have with them e.g. trying to find suppliers of high quality ingredients, whether or not ingredients are suitable in pregnancy, medical conditions that can cause skin problems and which cosmetic ingredients to chose that are least likely to cause problems with these, how to extract herbs to get the most benefit from them etc.
  • She takes foraging walks for natural skincare makers and professional holistic therapists.
  • She is passionate about introducing people to the potential of using long-forgotten, little known local wild herbs as dynamic, effective and unusual ingredients for natural skin and hair-care.
  • She aims to teach people in a way that is  informative, reliable, practical and enjoyable to enable people to use herbal ingredients with confidence and joy.
  • You can read more about Vivienne here:

Using Herbs in Professional Natural Skincare: Series of Specialist online classes

COST: €150

Using Herbs in Professional Natural Skincare: Series of Specialist online classes

COST: €150