One of the things I love about herbs is their capacity to help us during some of the hardest and most turbulent times in life.

This is an area I’ve worked with extensively in my clinic and (in non-pandemic times) I teach a practical class showing people how to make safe and comforting herbal extracts to help and empower them to cope with difficult times. The gentlest herbs can be the most soothing and transformative.

In these two interviews we talk about some of the herbs that can help during difficult times, and some simple ways to extract and use them.

I hope that you find these resources helpful.

The classes will return when we are out the other side of the pandemic (because nothing lasts forever, no matter how bad it seems at the time!)

Interviews with Vivienne

Herbs & Mental Well-Being


interviewed by Carmen Cronin

From Feb 2021.

Thanks for letting me share this Carmen!

For more info about CLARE GARDEN FESTIVAL please click here.

ROSE (my favourite herb ever!)


interviewed by Natasha Richardson

From June 2017.

Thanks for letting me share this Natasha!

For more info about FORAGE BOTANICALS please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: The bit about the Roses starts at 20 minutes into this podcast. Prior to that here’s info on another topic and a chat about my background and training in herbalism. Skip to 20 mins in to get straight to the ROSES.

Classes with Vivienne

Herbs for Stress Relief

Herbal medicine for good mental health

In non-pandemic times when we are allowed to gather in groups Vivienne teaches a practical class about herbs to help us through difficult times, and we make extracts to help us.

Classes in-person are currently suspended due to the pandemic restrictions.

They will return when it becomes safe, practical and enjoyable to run again.

To see details about this class (run in previous years) please click the link.

For Professionals

Helping Clients Through Trauma, Distress and Bereavement

Vivienne is currently writing a book on this topic for Aeon Books based on her clinical work in this area.
Vivienne taught this class for the American Herbalist Guild (AHG) annual symposium in 2021. This is aimed for herbal medicine practitioners and herbal students to help them with this area in their clinics, as well as other professionals who are interested in learning about how herbs can be of help in these circumstances. This class is one of the designated sessions through which people can earn a certificate in Trauma-Informed Herbalism (ALL of the certificate-track classes must be attended to earn this).

If you are interested in learning more about this area of using herbal medicine then please email Vivienne at