How to Dry your own Herbs PROPERLY!

In this focussed online class we will take an in-depth look at how to dry herbs properly: the right ways, wrong ways, what goes wrong and why.


Many people want to use their own herbs that they grow or wild-craft but unfortunately they often find that they go wrong when they try to dry them. This class comes to the rescue to sort out these issues! Vivienne will show you what can go wrong and why as well as teaching you reliable methods for you to use instead.


Learn how to properly dry your own herbs so that you can enjoy using them to make your own teas, tinctures, infused oils, herbal medicines or include in soaps and other natural skincare. 


Knowing & understanding the correct methods of drying & storing herbs means that you can have confidence in your ability to do this yourself and actually be able to use what you make!

What we will learn in this class...

How and why drying herbs can go wrong. The steps to take to prevent this happening to you.
~ Why do dried herbs develop mould sometimes? What can I do to prevent this?
~ My dried herbs smell odd. Are they ok to use or has something gone wrong?
~ Why have the herbs I dried changed colour? Are they ok to use or has something gone wrong?
~ Is it safe to use herbs that have mould damage?


How to dry different parts of herbs:

~ Flowers    ~ Petals

~ Leaves     ~ Stalks

~ Berries     ~ Fruits

~ Seeds      ~ Roots

~ And also some forms of Seaweeds


Different techniques for drying herbs of varying shapes & sizes:
~ When & how to air dry, dry in bunches, use a dehydrator etc.
~ Drying techniques I don’t recommend and why.


How to tell when herbs have dried properly.
~ How long does it take for herbs to dry?
~ How will I know when my herbs are fully-dried?


The best ways to store dried herbs.
~ Which containers should I put my herbs in?
~ Can I store them in glass jars I re-use?
~ How do I protect them from pests etc.?
~ Where should I store my herbs?


Best before/expiry dates of my dried herbs.
~ How long will my dried herbs last?
~ Are my herbs still safe to use?
~ How do I tell if they have gone bad or become too old to use?

LEVEL: Open to everyone (total beginners – experienced people working with herbs)

Suitable for beginners & home-use: herb enthusiasts, people who would like to learn more about herbal medicine, people developing their home herbalism skills etc.

♥ Qualified herbalists, herb students, practitioners of other therapies (e.g. aromatherapy, holistic therapists etc.) : Are welcome to attend and it may count towards training hours or as CPD. You can request a Certificate of Attendance from Vivienne (if you attend the live class).

♥ Natural cosmetic-makers and professional formulators: This is an ideal class to attend if you would like to be able to use your own herbs in your skincare treatments and products. If you require a Certificate of Attendance, please contact Vivienne.

FORMAT: How the class will be presented

♥ LIVE CLASS: Vivienne will present the class live on video, showing slides with photos (of how to dry herbs, dried herbs that have mould damage etc.), video and text.

Q&A: There will be plenty of time during the class for people to questions about this topic.

♥ NOTES: This class includes Vivienne’s pdf guide to DRYING HERBS PROPERLY. This is available to download from the online classroom.

♥ RECORDING: The whole class will be recorded and is usually available to use within 48 hours of the live class finishing. Watch the lesson again whenever you want to: there is not an expiry date on this class.


Class details

  • Date: Thursday 14th MARCH 2024

  • Time: 7 pm – 9 pm Ireland/Portugal/UK time GMT (including Q&A time)

  • Cost: €40 (approx £34/USD$43).


Recordings available afterwards: You can still get access to this class if you can’t attend live. If you know that you won’t be able to join a live class then you are welcome to email your questions on the topic to Vivienne and she will do her best to cover these during the live session. You can then see her answers when you watch back the recording at a time that suits you.

Class Size Limited

♥ Student numbers in this live group will be limited to ensure quality of teaching so that people get a fair chance to ask questions and learn properly.[♥♥Genuine Learning♥♥]

♥ Places are first-come-first-served so if you know that you want to join this then please don’t delay booking your spot.