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EXCITING NEWS FOR  2019: classes abroad!

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Demand for classes and workshops in Ireland varies from year to year and is hard to predict. Where classes are very popular and sell out quickly if there is more demand I do my best to add more dates to meet this.

My policy is to fully book the listed classes before arranging more, otherwise running them becomes unmanageable.

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Herbal Medicine-Making: from plant to pot!


  • Come on a herbal foraging walk on the shore of a lake and through woodland.
  • Discover the native wild medicinal plants that grow there.
  • Gather some of these herbs.
  • See how to use them to make medicinal extracts such as tinctures, infusions, decoctions, oxymels, medicinal herbal vinegars, poultices, compresses, infused oils, ointments etc.
  • Taste and try out herbal extracts during the class.
  • Bring home a remedy made on the day.

This class is very popular. The last one was fully-booked 2 months in advance and had a waiting list so if you know that you’d like to attend then I recommend booking this very soon.

In autumn we can expect to find medicinal plants such as haws, elder berries, blackberries, nettle root, dock root, silverweed, rosehips and many more. These are lovely things to be able to rustle up home-remedies from when you know how.

NEXT CLASS: Saturday 21st SEPT 2019


€85 per person, including materials


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Natural Cosmetic-Making


LONDON August   

IRELAND November


Herbal Medicine for Stress Relief

Learn about safe natural remedies and treatments for helping us to cope with the stresses and tough times in life


Herbal Medicine for Good Mental Health

Using herbs to help through difficult times:

Herbs can be wonderfully supportive on an emotional level.

Topics covered will include: stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, grief & bereavement, exhaustion, concentration, memory, ‘busyness’ and adrenal burn-out.

Learn natural ways to cope with these using herbs and essential oils.

Get hands-on and make your own: During the class you will get the chance to make your own nourishing tea blend and soothing aroma stick or oil blend. Bring these home with you.

Having your own go-to soothing remedies to help you during difficult times can be a very empowering experience.


NEXT CLASS: Sat 5th OCT 2019

Ennis, Co. Clare, IRELAND

€90 per person, including materials

Herbal Medicine for the Family

Using natural herbal remedies safely to treat adults and kids at home

Learn safe & effective remedies for treating common ailments in children and adults

This class has a special focus on treating children, infants & babies.


Ennis, Co. Clare, IRELAND

€85 per person, including materials


  • The cost is for the workshop and includes the cost of materials used, hand-outs provided and herbal products to take home.
  • Places are limited. Numbers of participants are always restricted to ensure quality of teaching (usually a max of 12 participants per class).
  • These classes are aimed at adults. Please contact me if you are under 18 and want to book a class (some venues do not allow under 18s on the premises).
  • Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Vivienne does not reserve places for people without payment. Payment of the full workshop fee is required in order to book your place.
  • Please book in advance! These classes take lots and lots of prepartion and require Vivienne to have hand-outs printed, enough stock ordered in and prepared for every class participant and (if on east coast) time to drive and set up on the other side of the country. Last minute bookings drive Vivienne totally mad! If a class isn’t full far enough in advance then Vivienne will cancel it. Don’t expect to ring the day before and be told that it’s ok to come along the next day.

Cancellations & Refunds: Cancellations: if a cancellation is received 2 weeks or more before the class then the full fee will be refunded. Refunds are not available for cancellations received 2 weeks or less before the class date. This is because class size is always restricted to ensure quality of teaching and because lots of preparation, high quality stock and time and effort go in to running these classes! Want more info? CLICK HERE to read my policy in full.

  Vivienne has taught workshops since 2004.

Here’s what people have said about her classes over the years…..

“Really enjoyed the day. The obvious passion that Vivienne has for her topic. The hands-on was great combined with the wonderful smells were ‘amazing’. Would not hesitate to recommend this course. Leaves me wanting more. Thank you.”

“So interesting … and the spa treatments were a lovely ending. Vivienne is wonderful“

“Great day, very informative, you made it all look so simple. Very social and the room smelt FAB.”

“Just finished that serum we made in your class. It was the best thing I ever used for my skin.

My skin is so good now, I don’t have to use foundation any more.”

“I just want to thank you for Saturday. It was amazing, I loved it. So much information!”

“What a truly brilliant class! Thanks Vivienne – it’s made my day.”

“Thank you very much for delivering a great course last Saturday. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to making some teas, cordials & oxymels at home to keep everyone well!”

“Thanks so much for the dosage instructions, the GP recommendations and above all your brilliant course!!! I really, really enjoyed it and learned so much! …And I got started today..”

To see my full schedule of classes, walks & events for 2019 (including CPD classes, and classes outside of Ireland)