Vivienne has been teaching herbal classes since 2004.

♥ Learn about Herbal Medicine, Wild Food and Natural Cosmetic-Making for a range of levels, from beginners to professional level.

♥ Join an online course or class (est. 2015).

♥ Come along to a class, talk or foraging walk (est. 2004).


…………..E-classes ………..

Convenient: time & budget-friendly.

Join a short class on a topic that interests you.

Easing Stress with Herbs

Make Tonics, Extracts & Treatments for ‘Emotional First Aid’

NEXT GROUP: May 2023.

This series fills quickly: Early booking recommended

LEVEL: Open to (nearly) everyone! From total beginners to herbal enthusiasts/pros

Eczema & Dermatitis E-class

Understanding these skin conditions and the herbal treatments for them


Extra date added due to high demand.

LEVEL: Open to everyone!

E-class recordings (instant access)

On various topics related to herbs & health, with guest teachers

LEVEL: Open to all! From total beginners to herbal enthusiasts/pros

Book to attend a live seasonal intro class

Usually available annually at the start of Spring and Autumn

(click the link to check for upcoming dates)

LEVEL: Open to everyone!

……………Online Video Courses ………..

Learn in-depth: practical skills & techniques, detailed lessons etc.

Courses give you a solid, reliable foundation and help you develop skills for life.

Herbal Medicine-Making & Wild Food Course

Learn to use the herbs around you

LEVEL: Open to all! From total beginners to herbal enthusiasts/pros

Look After Your Children with Herbs

Safe, effective, reliable home remedies & nursing tips to help your child or baby

LEVEL: Open to all. What every parent (or grandparent) needs!

Herbal Skincare & Haircare (natural cosmetic-making)

Includes understanding medical conditions that cause skin problems

LEVEL: Open to all! From total beginners to experienced herbalists/green beauty enthusiasts

Professional Natural Cosmetics

Compliant & legal herbal extract-making for retail ranges

LEVEL: Professional (for formulators/retail ranges)

Herbal Medicine for Aromatherapists

Learn Practical Skills to the Profession Level required for your aromatherapy work

LEVEL: Professional, for qualified aromatherapists

CPD Classes for Professionals

Specialist training in key areas

LEVEL: Professional (for qualified practitioners e.g. herbalists, aromatherapists, doctors, pharmacists etc. )

♥♥Genuine Learning♥♥:

Vivienne supports her e-courses & e-classes with live sessions so that people get a chance to ask their questions. This is because she knows that having the opportunity to ask a reliable and experienced teacher your questions is so often the key difference between you genuinely understanding something (and having the confidence and skills to be able to go on to use it) or  simply passively collecting information that you don’t understand properly (and are therefore too scared to use or act on). Cheaper courses usually skip this vital component of learning. We need less info over-whelm and more understanding, evaluation skills and ACTION! Vivienne genuinely wants you to be able to use these things in your life.


…………..Classes, Events, Foraging Walks etc………..

These take place regularly in IRELAND, LONDON & PORTUGAL and in other countries upon request.


More classes, walks, herbal holidays and retreats are planned for 2023!

The schedule of live events will be open for booking in early spring 2023.

It will include new advanced classes for professionals (including doctors) as well as the return of familiar favourites (for home use and beginners) that are open to everyone.

Herbal Medicine Classes

Natural Cosmetic-Making Classes

Foraging Walks

See the timetable summary for 2023

For all classes, courses & events online or offline.

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