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Brief Overview

  • I don’t do anything dodgy with your details
  • I don’t steal email addresses
  • I don’t sell email addresses
  • I don’t take emails from any events that I do e.g. classes etc. and automatically add them to my newsletter: people have to specifically opt-in to receive this.
  • I don’t store your payment details (if you’ve ever paid for something via my website e.g. online course, workshop, herb walk etc. then your payment was securely processed off-site either via Pay Pal or Stripe, both reliable professional international payment systems)
  • I don’t allow adverts on my website: no annoying ads or click-bait here!

Privacy Policy Details



I DO NOT allow advertisers and adverts on my website. You can use it freely without being pestered by annoying ads and silly click-bait articles. Isn’t that great?!




By using this website (, you agree that I can place cookies on your device.

A cookie is a very simple text file that gets downloaded onto your PC when you visit my website. It usually contains two bits of information: a site name and a unique user ID. Once the cookie is on your computer, the site “knows” that you have been to site before and can then use that knowledge to tailor the experience that you have. Cookies are the usual standard way of working for most commercial websites, from sites that sell products to sites that are service-based (e.g. banks etc.) They are usually helpful to you, the customer/user because they provide convenient functions such as auto-filling forms (to spare you typing in your details every time you visit the same site for the same product/service). They help to count visitors to a website, personalise content (e.g. remember your name), record your preferences so that you don’t need to select from options every time etc. They can also help with authentication and security.


You can get rid of Cookies if you don’t want it. You can opt to clear Cookies from your hard-drive or set up your internet browser to block it. However, you may find it less convenient because you will have to do things such as manually fill in forms again every time you visit a site that you use regularly.



I do not use spyware. While everything online is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, I do my best to keep up-to-date with the latest security recommendations to keep my website and the details processed via it secure. If you look at the top left-hand-side next to my website address (in your browser) you should see a little symbol saying that it is secure. This is because I hold a valid security certificate.


Your Data

I don’t collect personal data about you. I don’t rent, share or sell your data.

I use an up-to-date professional system to send out my newsletters. This system is legally compliant. If you sign-up to receive my newsletter then I receive the details that you’ve submitted i.e. name and email address. This system also records the location that you are in e.g. state, USA etc.  You can opt-out of my newsletter at any time: there is an UNSUBSCRIBE option on every newsletter that I send (this has always been a legal requirement). For years there have been strict anti-spam rules and these professional newsletter & emailing systems are designed to prevent spam and unwanted emails.


This website contains some general information about plants that have traditionally been used as remedies, foods and cosmetics. The information provided on this website and my newsletters is not intended to replace the advice and care of a medical practitioner. Please do not attempt to self-diagnose or medicate. Before using any of the items featured here it is strongly recommended that you check that it is appropriate to do so by consulting a medical practitioner. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, have an existing medical condition and/or are taking prescription drugs. If symptoms persist then always seek professional medical advice. Please note that it is possible to be sensitive to any ingredient be it natural or synthetic, therefore a 24–hour skin patch test is recommended before using any natural cosmetic on the skin. Vivienne Campbell cannot be held responsible for anyone misidentifying plants or suffering any damage as a result of anyone using any of the plants and/or recipes that are mentioned on this website, newsletters or social media. The responsibility is on YOU to be sensible and consult a qualified doctor to get an accurate diagnosis for whatever is wrong with you and also on YOU to ensure that you have correctly identified any plant that you may want to try to use as a treatment (if in doubt, ask a botanist).


No liability is accepted by Vivienne Campbell for any consequence that may occur from consuming foraged plants or following any of the educational recipes given on this website, in Vivienne’s newsletters or social media posts.


Everything on my website, newsletters and social media (text, photos, videos, graphics) is the copyright and intellectual property of me, Vivienne Campbell unless otherwise stated (I have obtained permission from people whose work I have used).

If you want to use something from my website, newsletter or social media then you must contact me to obtain permission. Otherwise you could be subject to legal action.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T STEAL MY WORK AND PRETEND THAT IT IS YOURS! This particularly bothers me where people who don’t know what they are doing lift bits of my work out of context and make appalling and dangerous medical claims (usually misquoting me on their blogs). I don’t steal other peoples’ work: don’t steal mine. I actively run software to check for  people using my work without permission. If you do this you will be subject to legal action.



Learn with the Seasons:

Spring & Early Summer, High Summer, Autumn

All the work in this E-course is copyright Vivienne Campbell 2015 unless otherwise credited.

You are welcome to let other people in your household view and read the information in this e-course (many of the featured recipes can be lovely activities for the whole family) but please don’t share it outside of your household. I can also only provide support for one person per enrolment (support via email, comments on the e-course system, live webinar and our private Face Book group) not the whole household! If you are letting others in your household watch these lessons then make sure that they read and watch the Safety Instructions for Foraging, the Medical Disclaimer, the Herbal Medicine Safety Guidelines and the Poisonous Plants lesson. If you are going to share these lessons with people in your household then you must take responsibility for other people in your household using the lessons correctly and safely. I do not accept any liability for this.

I offer support for people enrolled in this course while the course is in season (check the supported dates each year). Support is offered via email, comments on the e-course system, private Face Book group and live webinar. Please note that a fair-usage policy applies to the support that I offer. I cannot be on-call 24 hours a day and I can’t answer dozens of questions day after day on Face Book. Please feel free to ask questions (questions are very welcome and I encourage you to learn from me!) but if anyone starts to bombard me with questions to the detriment of the group and me then I will be forced to draw a line and will indicate what I consider to be a fair amount of support on my part and enforce that.

Our private Face Book group is a place to come together to share our enthusiasm, ask questions and learn from each other. Please be polite to each other. Debate is welcome but insults and rudeness are not. You are welcome to disagree with each other (or me!) but please conduct yourself professionally and politely. Anyone not doing so will be expelled from the group.

Please do not copy, sell, publish or otherwise distribute any of the course materials in this e-course.  This includes written documents, PDF files, photos and videos. If you would like to use any of these items for any purpose (e.g. educational) then please contact me ( to see if this can be arranged. I am likely to be very amenable to genuine educational work and worthwhile projects. Most of the recipes featured in this e-course are traditional and I certainly don’t own the copyright on them! However, the lay-out, the way that the info is presented in this e-course, and all the safety and medical guidelines are my own work so please don’t reproduce them in any way without my permission.

Please do not use any of the materials in the course and pretend that they are your own work. For starters, this would be very dangerous! If you set yourself up pretending to be an herbalist or wild food expert on-line and use my work then I will take legal action and expose you. I am very aware of the risk of copy-catting from on-line courses and am actively taking precautions to prevent this from happening.

The information in this course is designed for you to help yourself and your family with general health and basic ailments. It is not a qualification and doesn’t not licence you to treat others. Please do not use any of the information in this course to try to pretend that you have a qualification in herbal medicine and/or give the impression to others that you have a qualification to treat them. This would be highly unethical and dangerous. Believe me if I find anyone doing this then I will expose them as a fraud (I’d be straight on to Dr Ben Goldacre, just watch me!).

You have life-time access to this e-course unless you are found to be in breach of any of these terms and conditions in which case your access would be revoked.

Vivienne Campbell reserves the right to make changes to the advertised course and materials at any time. Vivienne Campbell reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. All materials are copyright Vivienne Campbell. All rights reserved.