I am available to speak to the  media. Over the years I’ve done the following:

  • Live & recorded radio interviews
  • Presenting on prime-time television
  • Interviewed for documentaries
  • Interviewed for national broadsheet newspapers.

Uncommon Scents: The Movie

I’m delighted to feature in this upcoming documentary that’s currently in production in the USA. I was interviewed about the importance of ecological issues in the production of essential oils, including organics and sustainability. And my foraging walks feature in this film too.

This is a crowd-funded film. If you would like to contribute to this film then please click this link. 

Corrigan Cooks Naturally

I co-presented this weekly prime-time television series with celebrity chef Richard Corrigan and organic gardener Kitty Scully. Ever week I foraged for and produced a wild food recipe, herbal medicine or natural cosmetic.

This series was produced for RTE 1 (main channel in Ireland).

Garraí Glás

This series was produced for TG4, the Irish language television station. I produced a number of herbal remedies on this as well as introducing the plants e.g. plantain, cramp bark (Guelder Rose), holly etc.

This series if often repeat on the TG4 iplayer. To check if it’s available, click this link.

As seen on:

the herbal hub as seen on irish examiner