Spend a week learning with two specialist plant & fungi teachers

Tristan Coverdale

Organic horticulturist and Fungi Forager & Teacher


Vivienne Campbell

Medical Herbalist & Foraging Teacher


Spending time together cooking, eating & medicine-making with seasonal herbs & fungi…

…in the beautiful Portuguese countryside.

Vivienne Campbell


Tristan Coverdale

Organic horticulturist & Fungi specialist


Arrive: Monday 14th October 2024 (join us for dinner together this evening)

Enjoy Learning with Us: Participate in 5 days of classes Tues. 15th- Sat. 19th Oct.

Leave: After breakfast on Sunday 20th October 2024. 

This residential week will include....

~ Working with wild seasonal herbs we will make herbal medicines (infusions, oxymels, decoctions etc.) and complex extractions of medicinal mushrooms.


~ We will also add these beautiful wild, seasonal plants and fungi to our meals, as rich, nourishing, tasty accompaniments.


~ Note: The plants in season will vary depending on the weather conditions but at the time of year, we can usually find wild fungi, and the olives and nuts tend to ripen then too. And of course, plenty of fresh, green wild herbs.

Ask Us….

* Ask Vivienne about herbs as medicines & wild foods: Vivienne is a qualified herbalist and has over 2 decades’ experience treating various diseases and conditions in herbal medicine clinics. She teaches practical classes to empower people to make their own tonics at home. This is a great practical help so that you can truly integrate these tonics, foods and treatments this into your life with ease and joy.

* Ask Tristan about Fungi: Tristan takes foraging walks, and makes delicious dishes and tonics from fabulous fungi so he is the man to ask about your mushroom questions! He is also a professional organic horticulturist, specialising in fruit trees. He is hugely knowledgeable and experienced: if you have questions about the olive, fruit  and nut trees we see or if growing things is your thing, then Tristian should be able to help.

Tristan and Vivienne both love working with plants & fungi in a way that encourages our wonderful earth to grow, heal, recover, connect and thrive.

We are very much looking forward to sharing this with you!


Learn About Wild Mushrooms & Fungi

With our specialist fungi teacher Tristan Coverdale

In Practical Sessions we will Learn About….


~ Where do wild mushrooms grow?

~ Different habitats that different varieties like to grow in.

~ How to identify edible & medicinal fungi.

* Please note that growth of wild fungi is very weather-dependent. Mid-October is usually an ideal time to start to find many varieties of wild mushrooms but we cannot guarantee this because we are not in control of the climate! We will also have identification pictures and samples of dried mushrooms that Tristan has prepared available as examples for some of the varieties that we cannot find freshly growing.


Preserving Mushrooms:  

How to dry mushrooms & store properly. How to powder mushrooms.

Mushrooms as Medicinal Tonics:

Learn about medicinal extracts that can be made from mushrooms e.g. decoctions, tinctures, combined extractions (to help you benefit more from the broad range of nutrients in medicinal  mushrooms) etc.

Mushrooms as Wild Foods:

Try out tasty and nourishing culinary dishes made with local wild mushrooms (including dried local mushrooms, if the mushrooms are not available fresh during the week of our course).

Cultivating Mushrooms:

Introducing Grow Kits. A method that can be used to start to encourage the growth of edible and medicinal mushrooms where you live. With our recommendations for where to source suitable kits from reliable suppliers in different countries.

Did you know that Portugal is a very special place to learn about Wild Mushrooms?

Here’s why….

Back in 2018 Tristan had the wonderful experience of a visit from “The Godfather of Foraging” Roger Philips. Roger was thrilled because they targeted and found two wild mushrooms that he had never been able to find before. Amanita ponderosa and Terfezia arenaria. Tales of these adventures feature in Roger’s last book: ‘The Worldwide Forager’. If you have a copy of this book, do look it up. There’s a gorgeous photo of Roger and Tristan together here in Portugal.

What Might we be able to Find?

Wild gourmet mushrooms that are abundant in October usually include: 

Specific to Southern Europe are:

~ Boletus aereus, aka the Dark Porcini. Rated even more delicious than porcini (Boletus edulis) by top chefs.

~ Amanita caesarea, a favourite of Julius Caesar and a prized and valued mushroom found only in Southern Europe. 

~ Lactifluus rugosa, a delicious member of the milk cap family. 

Other delicious and prized wild mushrooms we will hope to find are:

~ Chanterelle 

~ Porcini, Cepe, Penny bun

~ Black trompette

~ Golden Chanterelle 

~ Boletus reticulatis 

~ Neoboletus praestigiator 

~ Charcoal Burners 

~ The Prince 

~ Parasols

~ Puffball

~ Fairy ring champignon 

~ And many more…

Learn About Edible & Medicinal Herbs

With medical herbalist & foraging teacher Vivienne Campbell

In Practical Sessions we will Learn About….


Collecting Herbs During Herb Walks:

In the beautiful organic garden at our lovely venue we will explore some of the medicinal & edible wild and cultivated herbs growing there. Learn key identification features. Get hands on and start to collect herbs. Start to build your confidence and develop your ability to use fresh herbs. What we collect we will add to our meals and/or use to make medicinal extracts.

Preserving Herbs:

How to dry & store herbs properly. Different techniques suit different sizes, shapes and forms of herbs. If you have tried drying your own before and they have gone wrong, find out why!

Making Medicinal Tonics with Herbs:

Learn traditional techniques for extract herbs e.g. infusions, decoctions, infused vinegars, infused honey, tinctures, oxymels, glycerites, syrups, oils & balms. Includes helping you to understand when to select one technique over another.

Making Medicinal Treatments with Herbs:

Try out poultices, compresses, herbal footbaths etc. These can be very effective and often have to be experienced to appreciate just how deeply therapeutic these simple, inexpensive treatments can be.

Using Herbs as Wild Foods:

Let our food be our medicine and our medicine be our food! Many wild medicinal herbs are very tasty too and can be prepared to make nutritious additions to our diet. Vivienne will share ways to add these herbs as culinary ingredients. Yum!


Q&A on Herbal Medicines:

Vivienne has worked as an herbalist since she qualified in 2003 and has a wide-range of experience through her clinic and also teaching classes for the public. Questions about herbal medicine and various medical conditions are welcome (including possible interactions with prescription drugs). Vivienne is happy to guide you where appropriate to safe home herbal remedies that you may be able to try yourself, as well as give clear guidelines for when it is better to see a qualified professional herbalist in a clinic for personalised, safe, appropriate individual advice.


Press out Edible Oil*:

October is the time of year where several local oil-producing trees are usually ready to harvest. If they are ripe then we will press out our own olive or almond oil. *We cannot guarantee that the olives or almonds will be ripe because ripening time is weather-dependent but we aim to share this technique if possible.

About our venue…

* Our course will take place at this beautiful venue full of wild herbs, olive trees, citrus trees and with an organic cultivated herb & vegetable garden.

* It is nestled in a picturesque river valley in the Beiras region of Portugal. It is within easy reach of the beautiful cities of Aveiro and Porto. The nearest airports are Porto or Lisbon.

* Our hosts will make beautiful meals for us, from their garden and locally-sourced seasonal ingredients.

* Will can also make therapeutic seasonal herbal drinks to enhance skin & hair health.

* Food for our body, heart and soul!

* Enjoy walks and spending time in this stunning area.

* Accommodation: There are beautiful en-suite rooms in this renovated, traditional Portuguese villa, as well as poolside accommodation and gorgeous glamping in the citrus grove.

Accommodation Options…

There is a range of options available:

~ Rooms for individuals (single occupancy of a twin, double or kingsize room).

~ Sharing a room (twin rooms or double/king).

~ Stay in a beautiful en-suite room in this traditional Portuguese villa which is being lovingly renovated.

~ Or stay in the (also beautifully-renovated) poolside accommodation at our venue.

~ Individuals are very welcome (and are encouraged!) to attend our course. You do not need to come with a friend or in a couple. We will be a group of people this shared  common interest. It is very nourishing and heartening to spend time immersed in a subject that intrigues you, with other people who love it too.

~ Want to bring someone? Partners or spouses are welcome to join you attending the course (purchasing a ticket too). If you have a partner who wants to join you in Portugal but not attend the course then please ask Vivienne for details of how it may be possible for them to do so without purchasing a course ticket too (subject to availability).


Watch the video about our venue & accommodation:

If you are interested in booking then please email Vivienne and she will send you details, including a link to watch a video where she’ll give you a tour of our beautiful venue.


~~ Ticket Options ~~

Prices vary depending on the type of accommodation that you select.


The price includes:

  • Accommodation for 6 nights in our beautiful venue (house or poolside rooms, sharing or single occupancy).

  • All meals (vegetarian*)breakfast, lunch & dinner from Monday evening – Sunday breakfast. *Other diets can be catered for, please ask.

  • All teaching fees 5 days of classes with Tristan & Vivienne.

  • All teaching materials printed course booklet with notes, recipes, extract techniques etc.

  • All the ingredients, packaging, equipment etc that we will use to make our extracts and dishes (you will get hands-on experience in these classes).

  • Samples of some of the extract that we make for you to bring home with you (if you are flying make sure that you book a check-in bag so that any liquids are not confiscated during security checks [creams & ointments are classified as liquids too]: or arrange to ship the liquids back to your address).


The price does not include:

  • Travel (flights/trains etc) to Portugal

  • Travel to the venue (by taxi, hire car, bus or train) **We can help to arrange airport transfers from Porto airport bringing you directly to our venue.**  We have a recommended local taxi service that we can book for you as an individual or to share with other members of the group who are arriving too. Please ask.

  • Travel insurance

  • Additional nights of accommodation

  • Additional meals and accommodation for spouse/partners

  • Alcoholic drinks: There is a bar in the villa and drinks can be purchased from here.

  • Specialist dietary requirements (please check at time of booking: a small supplement may apply so that we can ensure that you have what you require).

~~ Ticket Options & Prices ~~

A ticket includes 5 days of classes, 6 days of meals and 6 nights of accommodation.


Sharing a Room

~ For the full residential course opting to share a room (twin, double or king):

~ Prices start from €1530 per participant.

Private Occupancy of a Room

~ If you would prefer to stay in your own room there are several options available.

~ Prices start from €1735.

~~ How to Reserve Your Place  ~~

~ Please contact Vivienne (email: info@theherbalhub.com) and she will send you the booking info (intro video showing our venue, the Terms & Conditions for this course and the link to pay your deposit).

~ If you have any questions or anything you’d like to discuss then please contact Vivienne: she will be happy to help.


RESERVE YOUR PLACE WITH A DEPOSIT: The course is bookable with a deposit of €350 per person.

PAY IN FULL OR PAY WITH INSTALLMENTS: After Vivienne has received your deposit she will send an invoice for the full remaining balance of the invoice. You can opt to pay in full or with installments (with a maximum of 3 installments). The full balance due must be received by 16th Sept. 2024.

PAYMENT METHODS: Payment can be arranged via bank transfer. It can also be taken via credit card, debit card or Pay Pal. Please note for payment by card, card processing or Pay Pal transaction fees will also apply.

GIFT VOUCHERS: If you have a gift voucher for theherbalhub.com then this can be used towards the payment for this course.


TRAVEL: We can help with recommendations for how best to get to our venue e.g. flights, trains, booking or sharing a taxi transfer from the airport etc. Porto is ideal: it is the nearest airport. Lisbon is further away but we can still help you plan to travel from Lisbon to our venue.

CPD/CPE CREDITS: A certificate of attendance can be issued for all the teaching hours that you attend during this course. Please ask Vivienne if you require one. 

ABOUT THE AREA: If you are planning to explore the area please ask: we will be happy to share suggestions and recommendations.



We hope that you can join us!