Spend a week learning with two specialist plant & fungi teachers

Tristan Coverdale

Organic horticulturist and Fungi Forager & Teacher


Vivienne Campbell

Medical Herbalist & Foraging Teacher


Spending time together cooking, eating & medicine-making with seasonal herbs & fungi…

…in the beautiful Portuguese countryside.

Vivienne Campbell


Tristan Coverdale

Organic horticulturist & Fungi specialist

This residential week will include....

~ Working with wild seasonal herbs we will make herbal medicines (infusions, oxymels, decoctions etc.) and complex extractions of medicinal mushrooms.


~ We will also add these beautiful wild, seasonal plants and fungi to our meals, as rich, nourishing, tasty accompaniments.


~ Note: The plants in season will vary depending on the weather conditions but at the time of year, we can usually find wild fungi, and the olives and nuts tend to ripen then too. And of course, plenty of fresh, green wild herbs.


***To take place in October 2024. Details to be announced soon***


Ask Us….

* Ask Vivienne about herbs as medicines & wild foods: Vivienne is a qualified herbalist and has over 2 decades’ experience treating various diseases and conditions in herbal medicine clinics. She teaches practical classes to empower people to make their own tonics at home. This is a great practical help so that you can truly integrate these tonics, foods and treatments this into your life with ease and joy.

* Ask Tristan about Fungi: Tristan takes foraging walks, and makes delicious dishes and tonics from fabulous fungi so he is the man to ask about your mushroom questions! He is also a professional organic horticulturist, specialising in fruit trees. He is hugely knowledgeable and experienced: if you have questions about the olive, fruit  and nut trees we see or if growing things is your thing, then Tristian should be able to help.

Tristan and Vivienne both love working with plants & fungi in a way that encourages our wonderful earth to grow, heal, recover, connect and thrive.

We are very much looking forward to sharing this with you!

About our venue…

* Our course will take place at this beautiful venue full of wild herbs, olive trees, citrus trees and with an organic cultivated herb & vegetable garden.

* It is nestled in a picturesque river valley in the Beiras region of Portugal. It is within easy reach of the beautiful cities of Aveiro and Porto. The nearest airports are Porto or Lisbon.

* Our hosts will make beautiful meals for us, from their garden and locally-sourced seasonal ingredients.

* Will can also make therapeutic seasonal herbal drinks to enhance skin & hair health.

* Food for our body, heart and soul!

* Enjoy walks and spending time in this stunning area.

* Accommodation: There are beautiful en-suite rooms in this renovated, traditional house, as well as poolside accommodation too.

Register Your Interest in Joining this Group

This course will open for booking in FEB 2024.

COURSE CONTENT: The full details of the course will be published in early 2024.

DATE: 14th – 19th Oct 24 tbc

ACCOMMODATION: Several accommodation options will be available and prices will vary to reflect that.

PRICE: This will be announced in FEB 2024 when the details have been finalised.

PAYMENT: The course will be bookable with a deposit and the balance can be paid in a maximum of 3 installments.

GIFT VOUCHERS: If you have a gift voucher for theherbalhub.com then this can be used towards the payment for this course.

TRAVEL: We can help with recommendations for how best to get to our venue e.g. flights, trains, booking or sharing a taxi transfer from the airport etc.

HOW TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN THIS COURSE: Please email Vivienne at info@theherbalhub.com with the title Autumn in Portugal (or something similar!).


We hope that you can join us!