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Your guide to Foraging for and Using Edible & Therapeutic Herbs.

Details of T & Cs of this course.

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All the work in this E-course is copyright Vivienne Campbell 2015 unless otherwise credited.

You are welcome to let other people in your household view and read the information in this e-course (many of the featured recipes can be lovely activities for the whole family) but please don’t share it outside of your household. I can also only provide support for one person per enrolment (support via email, comments on the e-course system, live webinar and our private Face Book group) not the whole household! If you are letting others in your household watch these lessons then make sure that they read and watch the Safety Instructions for Foraging, the Medical Disclaimer, the Herbal Medicine Safety Guidelines and the Poisonous Plants lesson. If you are going to share these lessons with people in your household then you must take responsibility for other people in your household using the lessons correctly and safely. I do not accept any liability for this.

I offer support for people enrolled in this course while the course is in season (check the supported dates each year). Support is offered via email, comments on the e-course system, private Face Book group and live webinar. Please note that a fair-usage policy applies to the support that I offer. I cannot be on-call 24 hours a day and I can’t answer dozens of questions day after day on Face Book. Please feel free to ask questions (questions are very welcome and I encourage you to learn from me!) but if anyone starts to bombard me with questions to the detriment of the group and me then I will be forced to draw a line and will indicate what I consider to be a fair amount of support on my part and enforce that.

Our private Face Book group is a place to come together to share our enthusiasm, ask questions and learn from each other. Please be polite to each other. Debate is welcome but insults and rudeness are not. You are welcome to disagree with each other (or me!) but please conduct yourself professionally and politely. Anyone not doing so will be expelled from the group.

Please do not copy, sell, publish or otherwise distribute any of the course materials in this e-course. This includes written documents, PDF files, photos and videos. If you would like to use any of these items for any purpose (e.g. educational) then please contact me (info@theherbalhub.com) to see if this can be arranged. I am likely to be very amenable to genuine educational work and worthwhile projects. Most of the recipes featured in this e-course are traditional and I certainly don’t own the copyright on them! However, the lay-out, the way that the info is presented in this e-course, and all the safety and medical guidelines are my own work so please don’t reproduce them in any way without my permission.

Please do not use any of the materials in the course and pretend that they are your own work. For starters, this would be very dangerous! If you set yourself up pretending to be an herbalist or wild food expert on-line and use my work then I will take legal action and expose you. I am very aware of the risk of copy-catting from on-line courses and am actively taking precautions to prevent this from happening.

The information in this course is designed for you to help yourself and your family with general health and basic ailments. It is not a qualification and doesn’t not licence you to treat others. Please do not use any of the information in this course to try to pretend that you have a qualification in herbal medicine and/or give the impression to others that you have a qualification to treat them. This would be highly unethical and dangerous. Believe me if I find anyone doing this then I will expose them as a fraud (I’d be straight on to Dr Ben Goldacre, just watch me!).

You have life-time access to this e-course unless you are found to be in breach of any of these terms and conditions in which case your access would be revoked.

Vivienne Campbell reserves the right to make changes to the advertised course and materials at any time. Vivienne Campbell reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. All materials are copyright Vivienne Campbell. All rights reserved.