Teaching highly popular natural cosmetic-making classes since 2010!   

Vivienne teaches a range of natural cosmetic-making skills:

  • Options are available for total beginners who want to make herbal skincare at home for themselves or experienced formulators producing or developing professional retail brands.

  • Enrol in an online video course.

  • Or come to a class in-person in Ireland, London or Portugal.

Video Courses: from home use to pro level.


Natural Cosmetic-Making at Home with Herbs

LEVEL: For beginners, DIY beauty lovers and herbal enthusiasts           

Start to help your skin by making natural skincare & haircare products for use in your home.

Learn about herbal treatments to help improve skin health and common skin conditions e.g. eczema, psoriasis etc.


Using Herbs in Professional Natural Cosmetics

LEVEL: For formulators and people with experience making their own natural cosmetics that they want to retail.

Not suitable for beginners.


Live Classes in 2023: Come to a class in-person

Natural Cosmetic-Making Classes in-Person

Get hands-on experience

Locations available…..

♥ These take place in Ireland, London and Portugal.

♥ 2023 classes open for booking (Ireland & London.

Natural Skincare with Herbs (booking now open)

Location: IRELAND

LEVEL: Open to everyone: beginners-experienced.

Of particular interest to people with skin issues e.g. eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne etc., therapists treating skin conditions, herbalists & herb students, beauty therapists and natural cosmetic-makers/formulators.

Mon. 12th June 2023

A specialist class focusing on skin issues, treatments, products, general skin health and how we can improve and enhance these using herbs.

Skincare Herbs: Learn about herbs that can help the skin and the ways in which they can ease skin complaints such as acne, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, spider veins, scars etc. Get Vivienne’s advice and recommendations for what would be most likely to help with your skin issue.

Herbal extract-making: We will make extracts from herbs (e.g. infused oils, herbal glycerites, infused vinegars etc.) to use directly on the skin or to combine into skincare products and treatments such as balms, serums, butters, sprays etc.

Skincare Treatment & Product-Making Session: We will make treatments such as a varicose vein treatment, face or hand mask, psoriasis balm, cleansers, facial serums enriched with herbs etc.

Learn, compare & understand extracts and product types: Vivienne will also show examples of herbal emulsion creams (we will not make these in class because they take hours to make and require specialist equipment; video lessons are available in online courses though) e.g. skin soothing chickweed cream to show the texture and how these compare with other skincare extracts that are easy to make at home. This is to help you to better understand which treatment is more likely to help different skin conditions and why.

Chill out in our Spa Session: At the end of our class we will relax and try out the treatments and products we’ve made during the day, while luxuriating in an herbal footbath

Bring Home: Go home kitted up with beautiful natural skincare products that we have made on the day e.g. herbal facial serum, skin healing/psoriasis balm etc.

TIME: 10 am – 5 pm (including 1 hour lunch break).

VENUE: Slieve Aughty Centre, Loughrea, Co. Galway, Ireland. >Click here to see this venue.

PRICE: €150 (this class costs more than the herbal medicine day because of the cost of the certified organic ingredients e.g. shea butter, fixed oils etc. that are required for making the skincare treatments and products).

INCLUDES: Class, materials, printed hand-outs, a set of the products that we make on the day to bring home.


  ~ Lunch A beautiful 3 course lunch is available to book in the organic restaurant at the Slieve Aughty and costs €20. Or you are welcome to bring your own packed lunch with you instead.

  ~ Accommodation. The Slieve Aughty centre has beautiful eco-accommodation, from guest rooms to glamping. If you would like to book to stay then click here to see the options available.


The Slieve Aughty Cetnre is a beautiful organic eco-centre in east Co. Galway with organic gardens & organic restaurant.  Eco-accommodation (4*) is also available: Glamping, lodges, eco-house etc. >>Click here to see this venue.

Getting there by car: This nature sanctuary is only a 2 hour drive from Dublin,  40 mins from Athlone, 1 hour from Limerick or 35 mins from Galway city.

Public transport: Buses go to Loughrea, from there get a taxi to the Slieve Aughty Centre.


Q I’ve been to one of your natural cosmetic-making classes before. Is this one different?

A Yes! While you might be familiar with some of the core basic cosmetic-making techniques, we will look at the specific actions of skincare herbs in more depth, especially in terms of which ones to select for applying to different skin conditions. We’ll also look at herbal glycerites and emulsions, which we haven’t done in a workshop before.

Q I’m a total beginner but keen to learn about this. Can I attend?

A. Yes, you are most welcome. We will be making treatments and extracts from scratch so no advanced knowledge is required.

Q. I am experienced at making natural skincare. Would this be too basic for me?

A. If you’d like to learn how to enhance products and techniques that you already know with herbs, then this would be a great class for you to attend. You’ll also get a better understanding of which herbs to choose to try to create different effects and actions in skincare that you’re trying to make.

Q. I’ve got lots of questions about making skincare, skin issues and herbs. Will there be a opportunity for me to ask questions?

A. Yes, questions are welcome throughout the day as we explore the techniques and herbs. There will also be a dedicated Q&A session in the afternoon.

Seaweed Spa Class

Location: LONDON (UK)

 Sun 13th August 2023


This 1 day class teaches some of the skin & hair-care benefits of seaweed (inside & out!).

It is perhaps one the most beneficial and abundantly available natural ingredients for skincare on the planet. According to research, some seaweed contains 10 to 100 times more vitamins and minerals per unit of dry mass than land based plants or animal derived foods.

Luckily you do not need to live at the coast and collect fresh seaweed in order to enjoy its benefits for the skin and hair. Beautiful natural cosmetics and treatments can easily be made at home using packets of edible dried seaweeds that you can buy from health shops and suppliers. Vivienne will share her recommended suppliers of ingredients during this class.

Learn about the properties of seaweeds: vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds. Make different DIY extracts to capture these.

We will make a range of natural cosmetics and skincare & hair-care treatments from them such as:

* DIY seaweed shower gel & face masks

* Nourishing hair & scalp tonic

* Bath products

* Masks & mousses

* Nourishing facial serums & cremes

We will relax while we experience these during our Spa Session.

LOCATION: Mount Vernon Hospital, MSCM, Northwood, Middlesex.

Get: Bring home samples of all the products that we make on the day as well as printed recipes and instructions for all the extracts and products that we make.

Ask me: Your questions. I’ve been working with seaweed in skincare for 17 years and love using it.

Cost: Prices are in Sterling and can be booked via the booking button below.
The class (including notes, recipes etc.) costs: £100.00 +VAT
Materials & Ingredients Cost: £45.00 (the materials fee is paid directly to Vivienne on the day).


Private consultancy or tutoring sessions for professional natural cosmetic-makers

Private Consultancy Sessions & Tutoring

Available with Vivienne via video conferencing and email.

An excellent way to get your particular questions answered and propel your business to the next level.


Gift vouchers are available for workshop & classes in-person, as well as the specialist online classes and consultancy sessions

These classes make great gifts for people who LOVE natural products, making things, using cosmetics and would enjoy learning how to make their own natural skincare treatments.


  • Click the booking button for the class that you’d like to book.
  • Book in using your name and email address, not the email address of your gift recipient (otherwise the booking email will go to your gift recipient and spoil the suprise).
  • Drop me an email with the name of your gift recipient and I’ll email you this pretty gift voucher for the class so that you have something nice to give her/him on the day.
  • Need a hand? No problem. Ring/text me: 0868899168 or email: info@theherbalhub.com Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out!


(Applies to in-person classes; not applicable to online classes & courses)

  • The cost is for the workshop and includes the cost of materials used, hand-outs provided and herbal products to take home.
  • Places are limited. Numbers of participants are always restricted to ensure quality of teaching (usually a max of 12 participants per class or less for a hands-on classes).
  • These classes are aimed at adults. Please contact me if you are under 18 and want to book a class (some venues do not allow under 18s on the premises).
  • Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Vivienne does not reserve places for people without payment. Payment of the full workshop fee is required in order to book your place.
  • Please book in advance! These classes take lots and lots of preparation and require Vivienne to have hand-outs printed, enough stock ordered in and prepared for every class participant and time to drive and set up at the location of the class. If a class isn’t full far enough in advance then Vivienne will cancel it.

Cancellations, Transfers & Refunds: If a cancellation is received 2 weeks or more before the class then the full fee will be refunded. Refunds are not available for cancellations received 2 weeks or less before the class date. This is because class size is always restricted to ensure quality of teaching and because lots of preparation, high quality stock and time and effort go in to running these classes! It would also mean lots of time messing around on my website re-listing and promoting the place in the class at the last minute and I’m not prepared to do this or to pay someone else to do it for me. Want more info? CLICK HERE to read my policy in full.

MLM reps: are welcome to attend my classes and learn from me but, I hereby make it known that I do NOT tolerate people using my classes to recruit customers or more reps for the pyramid scheme product that they use or sell. [MLM means ‘multi-level marketing’ company: sales reps get paid commission to recruit more customers and new sales reps]. Any MLM rep doing this will be told to leave this class and will not receive a refund. I don’t promote or endorse one brand of products at my classes. Instead I clearly teach people what ingredients actually are, how to use them safely and joyfully, and give a list of reliable suppliers of the highest quality ingredients. I do NOT receive a commission from these suppliers: they are my genuine recommendations based  my years’ of experience as qualified herbalist, international educator and professional natural skincare formulator.

  Vivienne has taught natural cosmetics classes since 2010.

Here’s what people have said about her classes over the years…..

“Really enjoyed the day. The obvious passion that Vivienne has for her topic. The hands-on was great combined with the wonderful smells were ‘amazing’. Would not hesitate to recommend this course. Leaves me wanting more. Thank you.”

“So interesting … and the spa treatments were a lovely ending. Vivienne is wonderful“

“Great day, very informative, you made it all look so simple. Very social and the room smelt FAB.”

“Just finished that serum we made in your class. It was the best thing I ever used for my skin.

My skin is so good now, I don’t have to use foundation any more.”

“Thank you for a lovely course. I found it really helpful and practical. Looking forward to cooking up some of my own lotions soon.”

“Fantastic 2 days. An interesting and very inspiring teacher. Loved every minute of it!”

“Attended both the natural cosmetic and herbal medicine courses in Gorey in January. Both courses were very informative and enjoyable. The only issue is the courses have left me wanting to know more! Thanks Vivienne.”