Herbal Extract-Making for Aromatherapists (online course) Making Ointments & Balms

FEATURED VIDEOS: Making Ointments & Balms

BEGINNING: Making Herbal Infused Oils at Home

Intro to Making Herbal Infused Oils

A practical video showing how to make herbal infused oil (with Plantain [Plantago lancelota])

PROFESSIONAL: The extra things required to make herbal infused oils suitable for use in your aromatherapy work

Making Infused Oils Professionally

WHICH CARRIER OIL TO USE?: Tips to help you select a suitable base for you herbs

Making Infused Oils Professionally

WHAT’S GONE WRONG?: Trouble-shooting common issues with making infused oils

Making Infused Oils Professionally

DOCUMENTS (recipes, guidelines etc.): Read on-screen or download & print.