In this video Vivienne talks about:

  • What these are

  • Causes

  • What makes it worse

  • What not to use on it

  • What to try using on it instead

  • Topical products best suited to it

  • Herbal medicines (teas etc.) that may help

  • Where to find a qualified professional herbalist

  • Where to source the treatments and ingredients mentioned.

Eczema & Dermatitis: Summary and Guide pdf

Looking for Further Help?: Where to find a qualified herbalist

*  If you are looking for herbal treatment from a professional herbalist in a clinic, then have a look to see if there is someone suitably qualified who is working near you.

*  Many herbalists now offer consultations online too. Do remember though, that they will need to send herbal medicines to you so if you are in a different country to the person that you’d like to consult, I recommend that you check that they can ship herbal medicine to you (international shipping and postal rules vary from country to country).

*  The following are some of the international registers of qualified, professional herbalists.

*  Click the button to see if they have a registered herbalist near you.

Other lessons and recipes Vivienne refers to in this video:

Where to buy Chickweed (Stellaria media) Cream (emulsion)?

Here are some reliable suppliers

> Napiers Herbalist UK

> Dr Clare (herbalist) Ireland

> Buying in USA & Canada…I’m still trying to find a reliable source for you.

How to tell if the chickweed product you’re looking at is a cream (emulsion) or an ointment.

Look at the full ingredient label:

  • If it includes ‘aqua’ then this is water and you are likely looking at an emulsion.
  • If it doesn’t contain this then it is probably made with oils and is an ointment.