Energy Tonics for Tired Parents

Why am I so tired?

> Are you simply tired or is there something else causing it?

* Obviously there are always reasons to be tired when you are a parent of a baby, young child/children or are pregnant or breast-feeding.

* If you have a job and have to work too, then exhaustion can become the norm in life for years.

* Do please remember though, that tiredness can have under-lying causes too so it is important to check these (e.g. get blood tests done at your GP clinic) if you suspect it might be something more.

* Causes of tiredness can be: Hormone imbalances of the menstrual cycle(common after pregnancy or breast-feeding); thyroid hormone issues. etc.

* These are better treated by a qualified practitioner than as a home DIY attempt.

* Have a search for your nearest practitioner if you are keen to try this out.

Energy Improving Herbs for Adults

Pick-Me-Up Tonics to Try at Home

♠ Nettle (Urtica dioica): Can improve energy by nourishing the body. It is rich in minerals e.g. iron, calcium, magnesium etc.

♠ Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): Can bring a swift (but temporary) feeling of energy because it helps circulation of the blood, especially to the head. So if you have to concentrate on something, or your head is woolly after a poor night of sleep, give this a try.

♠ Liquorice (Glyccyrhiza glabra): This sweet tasting root can really raise the energy. It helps to nourish the adrenal gland a spleen, so is particularly helpful to recover from running on adrenal/chronic on-going stress and/or low immunity. Be warned: it can cause fluid retention which in turn can cause high blood pressure so don’t use it if you have high blood pressure and get your BP checked after 6 weeks of consuming it. Don’t use it at all in pregnancy because high blood pressure is especially dangerous then.

♠ Oatstraw (Avena sativa): Nourishes the nervous system. Has a gentle sweet flavour. Rich in minerals. Works well as a solid base, that other herbs can be blended into. Best taken regularly as a tonic. Steady use of this can really improve energy levels and our ability to cope with physical, mental and emotional stresses. 

Ways to use these herbs and where to get them

* These herbs can be easily taken as teas or in tincture form.

* Dried herbs and tinctures can be purchased from a range of places including:


Dried herbs:



Dried herbs:



> Tea & Tincture Blends for Adults