Formulating and Blending Facial Oil Serums

FEATURED VIDEO: Facial Oil Serums

Intro to Facial Oil Serums

Facial Serum Blending Video

Packaging Required

*  You will need a glass dropper bottle with a pipette top (not a plastic dropper insert top because oil is too thick to come out of those). The pipette does not need to have measurements on it.

*  Size to buy: 20 ml dropper bottle is ideal. The facial oil serum recipe is based on a 20 ml recipe. If you are using a bigger dropper bottle when you will need to multiply the recipe to get the correct amounts.

Guides and Documents to Help you with your Facial Oil Serums

> ACTION: Now try creating your own formula

Remember to refer to the ingredients guides to help you

> Herbs by Skin Type

> Essential Oils

> Base & Carrier Oils

> Specialist Seed Oils

And use the Serum Blending Form [it’s already in this lesson, scroll back up to download it] to help you get the proportions of oils right.

* Discover the joy of making your own    

* Tailor-make products to suit your skin type

* Choose ingredients you love