Start to help your skin by making natural skincare products and learning about herbal treatments to help improve skin health and common skin conditions e.g. eczema, psoriasis etc.

Make your own beautiful natural cosmetics at home from herbs, plant butters, oils and common food ingredients.

Learn about skin types, what can cause skin problems, why it can be problematic at different stages of life and how to select herbal ingredients to try to improve it with your home-made treatments.

Understand what’s causing skin issues and skin conditions and the best ways to use herbs and natural skincare to try to ease them.

Get help! Vivienne supports this course with regular Q&A webinars so that you can ask her your questions as you try out recipes, and get her tips and suggestions for making herbal products & treatments to suit YOUR skin type and preferences.

The course is delivered as a mixture of lessons with photos, videos and pdf guides, as well as optional live Q&A sessions.

 LEVEL: For beginners, DIY beauty lovers and herbal enthusiasts           

About Me…

Hi, I’m Vivienne Campbell and I’m a qualified herbalist (2003).

*I love making natural skincare! I’ve been doing this since I was 19 (that was a very long time ago!).

*I’ve taught cosmetic-making workshops since 2010, had my own professional retail brand, consult & teach professional brands how best to use herbs in their products and gave a lecture in 2017 for the professional organic skincare school Formula Botanica.

*Because I run a herbal clinic I also understand the varied reasons that people can have skin problems. This can really help people choose ingredients that are more likely to suit their skin type and soothe issues with it so that they can make their own treatments and products for themselves at home.

*Because I’m a foraging teacher I love showing people local wild herbs that can be used in natural cosmetics: cleansers, toners, moisturisers, hair care, baths, even deodorants! But don’t worry if you’ve not got time or the access to grow or harvest fresh herbs: I know excellent herbal suppliers where you can buy dried herbs so you can get going right away using herbs at home to make your own extracts.


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About this online course….

This course is for people who want to learn how to make their own natural products and herbal treatments at home to look after their skin and hair.

From pampering treatments made from ‘kitchen cupboard spa’ ingredients, to soothing herbal treatments that can help to ease some skin conditions, this is a guide to empower people to be able to look after themselves at home.

We cover the cosmetic recipes & skills needed to make lip balms, body butters, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, creams, after shave treatments and more starting with the easy techniques and building to the more complex ones.

We also learn about suitable herbs to use in products for dry skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, deodorants, soothing skin etc.

The course includes an introduction to medical conditions that affect the skin and hair: In the ‘Skin Issue in Focus’ classes, I share my years of experience from my herbal medicine clinic, discussing eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, hair loss etc. helping people to better understand what these conditions actually are, which topical treatments can often soothe them and where to seek professional help for dealing with them.

My students have asked me for years to produce these classes online: here they are at long last!


Just some of the topics we cover in this course ….

Body Products & Treatments

Body Scrubs

Body Butters

Massage Bars

Hand Balm

Floral Oils

Nail Strengtheners

Facial Products & Treatments







Herbal Haircare

Hair Repair Oil

Healthy Scalp Tonic

Natural Hair Softeners

Hair Strengthening Treatments

Deodorising with Herbs

Underarm Deodorant

Foot Fresheners

Herbie Mouthwash

Relaxing & Reviving Herbal Baths

Foot Baths

Body Baths

Hand Baths

Bath Bombs

Bath Melts

Bath Salts

Creative ways for using waste and left-overs




Core ingredients for the cosmetic-makers’ Herbal Larder









Learn about skin-care & hair-care herbs you can grow, pick or buy ready to use







Drinking herbs for skin and hair health:  making teas & tonics




Learn at the level that suits you

*Each product type has options that cover the basic beginners’ technique, with variations with herbal extracts, essential oils and more advanced combinations.

*After you have mastered the basic method of making things (or if you already know some of them) you can come back and try out more complex variations to suit your preferences for products and treatments.

*So you can build on your skills over time as and when it suits you.

*We start with the easier techniques (e.g. making balms) and gradually build to the more complex (e.g. making emulsions). This helps you understand and master techniques. It also saves the disappointment and wasted time, effort and money of trying to make something more difficult that goes wrong.

>>>NOTE: excludes professional level cosmetic-making although many of the recipes and techniques would be suitable for this.


About the course and how it works….

How the course works

    * Pre-recorded course lessons are available from when you enrol in this course.

   * Students get life-time access to the pre-recorded course so you can look things up and refer back to it whenever it suits you.

   * Simply log in with your email address and password. 

  * The lessons are a mixture of videos, step-by step photo lessons and pdf guides.

  * We start with the basic techniques and build to the more complex ones over the weeks

  * You can use and watch the lessons whenever it suits you.

    * I’ll help you with your recipes and suitable ingredients for your skin type.

    * There are optional live Q&A webinars with me so that you can try out the techniques and ask me your questions about making things (there are a bonus extra that I’m doing in 2021 to help people, especially during the pandemic lock-downs while people have extra time to do things at home).

     * There is a private Facebook group for this course so you can interact and share ideas with your peers should you want to.

Payment Options Available….

The full course costs €200


That’s including the pre-recorded video lessons, photo lessons, pdf guides and live Q&A sessions with Vivienne.

With life-time access to all the recorded material.

Join the course now

For a one-off payment of €200

(approx £172/$237 USD)

Or set up a payment plan

For 3 monthly payments of €75

(total of €225)

What this course is NOT:

  • This course does not cover professional cosmetic-making i.e. all the legal requirements, techniques and paperwork necessary for producing cosmetics that you want to sell. (I do run a course for people who want to use herbs in professional natural cosmetics. That specialist course runs several times a year. Check it out here:

  • This is not a qualification. This is an informal course intended for home use. However if you are a practitioner who would like to use this learning towards CPD and you require a certificate of attendance then I’d be happy to issue this if you attend the live elements of the course (i.e. the Q&A webinar sessions).

  • It doesn’t contain cosmetic products that are too advanced to make at home and/or require investing in specialist equipment to make them: E.g. shampoo, shower gel, conventional hair conditioners. It’s much better value to buy these!

  • It does not contain soap-making. However, learning about herbs can certainly be of use to people who are keen soap-makers.

This is what the course looks like….

The recipe videos, ingredient guidelines and skincare lessons are all easy to find from the course home page.


There are videos demonstrating the key recipe techniques


And pdf guides for you to read and refer to as well

(including plain text printer-friendly versions)


And videos where I talk about different skin issues to help you better understand them….

Course Contents

A list of the main topics covered in this course…

What will I need to do this course?


    * All the recipes and products can be made using common kitchen equipment e.g. pan, mixing bowls, whisks, weighing scales, measuring jugs etc. with the one exception of recipes that are emulsions (NOTE: For making emulsions you will need to purchase specialist weighing scales and recommended emulsifiers and a preservative. However emulsions will be the most advanced technique we cover so there is no need to get these until later and I’ll recommend very affordable ones for you because I know a few tricks!).


   * You’ll need access to the internet so you can watch the lessons.


     * Shopping List: there is a list of core,  basic ingredients in the course so that you have the bare essentials for making products. There are lots of options for variations and choosing other more specialised ingredients that might help you.


    * There is also a list of my recommended suppliers of ingredients (although many of them you’ll be able to buy from local shops and supermarkets).



Q.  How long will I have access to the course for? 

A. People get life-time access to the recorded bits of the course (i.e. prerecorded videos, photo lessons, pdfs and the video recordings from the live Q&A webinars) so you can look back at it whenever it suits you.

Q. Will this course always be supported with live Q&A sessions?

A. No. I’m very happy to do these regular live Q&A webinar sessions to answer people’s questions just now but I can’t promise I’ll be able to do them every year (although the pre-recorded course will always be available). I’m happy to give extra this time by offering these live sessions in 2021 because I realise how many people are at stuck at home due to the pandemic restrictions, have the opportunity to learn things online and how we all just generally really appreciate anything extra that cheers us up just now!


Q Will all the recipes be vegan?

A No, but most of them will. Some recipes will contain beeswax and/or honey but I will always list vegan alternatives where it’s suitable to do so e.g. rice bran wax, glycerine etc.


Q. I have already been to one of your natural cosmetic-making classes in person. Will this course be different? Would I learn anything new?

A. Yes, you’ll recognise some basic techniques but we’ll be working on more advanced versions and going much more in-depth learning about herbs and using them to personalise your treatments. Also, this course will teach emulsion-making so that’s new material too.


Q.I don’t know where to get ingredients. I either can’t find them or have bought ones that I didn’t like. Can you help me with this?

A. Yes, I’ve got a list of recommended suppliers to help you source the good stuff with ease!


Q I’m a formulator and make/am learning to make natural cosmetics that I sell. Should I do this course?

A. I’ve changed my answer to this since the course has started! I used to tell formulators that I thought it would be too basic for them BUT lots of formulators went ahead and enrolled in this course anyway and are getting a lot from it. So while you are very likely to already be familiar with a lot of the product-making techniques, formulators seem to benefit from this course by learning more about herbs and understanding how to use them well, and also learning about different skin and hair conditions and which topical things can aggravate them (so you avoid these ingredients in your products) or can often bring some relief to them. Please also note that I run a series of online classes for formulators teaching them how to use herbs properly in retail products for sale CLICK HERE FOR THAT COURSE. Much to my surprise, people seem to get a lot from doing both courses.

Q I have a gift voucher or credit note. Can I use it to buy this course?

A Yes you can! I’m especially delighted to be able to offer this online version for people who haven’t been able to come to classes.

What people say about this course…

“So glad to have signed up for this. Easy to follow. Looking forward to the smells in my own kitchen! Congrats and thanks.”


“Just finished watching them all and have to ask… it Wednesday yet? Loved all of them. Thank you” 


“Thank you so much for this course. I’m loving it already, having made all items for  lock-down spa night for daughter and self.”


“Had great fun today making some of your recipes Vivienne….
They are lovely recipes. Thank you”


“I love it! Your knowledge is immeasurable…but your energy, smile and humour is a breath of fresh air. Thank you.”


“Brilliant course. And you’re a great teacher…Enjoying every minute.”


“Have made the serums for family and friends and everyone is commenting on how good their skin feels and looks, it’s amazing. I have to say this is the best course I EVER did in my lifetime, hope it never ends, LOL!”

Let’s have fun as we learn and do this together!

Don’t worry, it’s only me that will be broadcast on video!

You can try out these lovely mixes, treatments and recipes in the privacy of your own home.

It truly is my JOY and PLEASURE to help you learn!


Join the course now

For a one-off payment of €200

(approx £172/$237 USD)

Or set up a payment plan

For 3 monthly payments of €75

(total of €225)



If you purchase an online course and change your mind about whether or not you want it then you are entitled to a refund if you cancel your course within 14 days of the date that you bought it. To do this you must email within this time-frame. As long as you comply with this then your money will be refunded, no questions asked and your course access with cease.

Refunds requests after this period of time will not be considered, nor will requests to swap to other courses or issue the course to another person instead.

Exclusions: This guarantee does not apply to live-e-classes or e-courses given as gifts. All types of gift vouchers are non-refundable.

Please note: Vivienne aims to process all refunds within 7 days of the refund request. Refunds take 1 -10 working days to credit back to your credit/debit card (this varies depending on the payment method that you selected [e.g. Pay Pal, Stripe, etc] when purchasing at the check-out and Vivienne does not have any control over this).

Discover the joy of making your own

Tailor-make products to suit your skin type

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