Online Courses

Online courses are available for a variety of levels of experience and interest.

From total beginners to CPD training lessons for professionals.

Online courses give flexible learning options to fit in to busy lives.


Learn Wild Food Foraging

and Herbal Medicine-Making.

Est. 2015

Get a solid foundation in the skills required to recognise and use local plants as herbal medicines and wild foods.

→LEVEL: ALL (e.g. total beginners, DIY home use enthusiasts, professional herbalists, foragers etc.)



CPD Training for Healthcare Practitioners

New for 2019


→LEARNING STYLE: FORMAL (but still enjoyable!).

→AVAILABILITY: The first class will be available later in 2019 (I am currently waiting from confirmation of CPD points that will be credited by several professional associations). Please click the button to receive a  notification when these classes become available.

Consultancy Sessions, Private Lessons & Tutoring are available online


→LEVEL: For students, professionals & businesses. Get help with tricky topics or your specialist query about using herbs in your product. If you haven’t been able to find what you need from the usual sources this can be a great way to try to get the answer to your quirky herbal question.

→LEARNING STYLE: INFORMAL or FORMAL, depending on requirements of the client.

→AVAILABILITY: All year round, but depending on Vivienne’s schedule.