Online Courses

Online courses are available for a variety of levels of experience and interest.

From total beginners to CPD training lessons for professionals.

Online courses give flexible learning options to fit in to busy lives.


Learn Wild Food Foraging

and Herbal Medicine-Making.

LEVEL: ALL. Designed for total beginners to get started in their own kitchen, but is also used by professional foragers, herbalists and other holistic practitioners.

LEARNING STYLE: INFORMAL. No essays, tests, deadlines or homework. Learn at your leisure for your pleasure and knowledge (think of it as taking an art class simply for the pure joy of it, rather than something you work hard to train in).

CPD Training

for health care professionals

LEVEL: ADVANCED. Designed for professional healthcare practitioners e.g. clinical aromatherapists, herbalists,  holistic practitioners etc.

LEARNING STYLE: FORMAL (but still enjoyable!). A test or other form of monitoring is required in order for people to be awarded CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits by your professional association.