Check out some of the things that people have said about Vivienne’s courses, classes, guided walks and clinics over the years

From people on my  on-line course ‘Learn with the Seasons’

“Can’t wait for next year’s additions.  The great thing is that you can look at all information in your own good time, and, you can’t get enough of a good thing!”

Julie Stark, Scotland, 2016.

“You’ve given us SO MUCH useful info in such a good, clear form. Your course is excellent!”

Kathy Locke, Ireland

“I am so delighted with your course. It’s consolidating stuff I knew and lots of new stuff that I didn’t. You’re a natural at it!

Clodagh Kelly, Ireland.

“I know I’ve said it already, but I’m in heaven with this course! Best thing I ever did. You’re so enthusiastic yourself and so generous with your time and knowledge. It’s great that people from around the world can access it too.”

Catherine Gallagher, teacher.

“I’ve just finished watching the webinar and I wanted to let you know that I loved it all… I liked your mix of videos and text, recipes and medicines. I honestly can’t think of a suggestion to improve it!”

Margaret O’Mahony (Autumn E-Course)

“I’m doing Vivienne’s course, I’d highly recommend it. There’s something special about a course like this designed around the plants and environment that you actually live in. There’s nothing else like it in Ireland that I’ve heard of.”

Kay Bells, e-course student and foraging enthusiast, Ireland.

“I have started to really begin to connect with plants through your I go out every day to collect my nettles dandelions cleavers to make my tea….and I feel very differently now when I look out into random areas of wildness (or concrete in the city) and as all I see now is medicine everywhere and it’s amazing!
And it feels very nurturing and supportive like nature and plants have got my back. It feels very humbling.”

Student in Ireland

“I’ve been doing this herbalism course and think it’s rather fab! The amount of work that Vivienne’s put in is just amazing and the course is worth every penny! I honestly wish I’d had it when I was starting out. I especially love the fact that, unlike ‘normal’ distance learning type courses, you get to do it completely at your own pace. If all you’ve got is 15 minutes between putting the baby down for a nap and having to go get started on dinner, you can pick it up, learn something new, and have plenty of time to think it over while chopping your veg. It also gives you access to an associated support group where you can ask Vivienne all the questions you like and every so often, there are live webinars too!”

“I honestly can’t say enough how awesome this course is. If I had it all those years ago when I started my foraging and herbal medicine journey it would have saved me a lot of time that I spent reading tons of books trying learn it all on my own! It’s taught me how to make haw ketchup, how to prepare silverweed for food and lots of other lessons I’ve never seen anywhere else. So if you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas, Vivienne’s eCourse is an excellent place to start!”

Mina Said-Allsopp: professional forager, Leeds, UK. and owner of the Wildcraft Bakery

“I am just sending an e-mail to you to say thank you for the 1st series of your E-course. I found it very interesting, full of useful information, easy to follow and profound in knowledge. And you know what? It turned out that I did not have to go further than our own garden to find all of the herbs… I made Hawthorn syrup for the very first time in my life and it is delicious with ice cubes especially on a hot summer day. So thank you again and I am looking forward to the next series.”

Edit Varga, Reflexologist.

“It’s so exciting what you are doing. It’s a unique course. I love it.”

Sinead Fine Homeopath.

Health Educator BHSc, NDVEC, ITEC, Dip HFR

“You work so hard Vivienne. You are so generous with your information. I couldn’t recommend your courses highly enough. They are amazing. I’ve learned so so much by doing your two courses. I knew very little re. Lemon Balm, St John’s Wort and Roses before your course …. medicinally speaking. I was able to recognise them …. kind of ….. but your courses are so well worth the money!!”

Brid Ni Chleirigh, Ireland

From Workshops, Classes & Foraging Walks (in-person)

“Dear Vivienne, I would love to say I thoroughly enjoyed your informative talk at on herbs! We also made calendula ointment and chatted about the benefits of herbs and drinking herbal teas. I practice anaesthesia in the United States and am now more than ever interested in the natural herbal medicines and cosmetics thanks to your day course. Sure wish I lived closer to be able to participate in more of your courses. You inspired me to make my own garden and helped me find seeds here in the US.
I look forward to seeing you whenever I visit my family in Ennis and will order more cosmetics for them to bring over whenever they come visit me.
If you do e-courses I sure would love to participate! [Stephanie did indeed enrol in my first series of on-line courses in 2015 and really enjoyed these too]
Thank you for your informative courses and enthusiasm for natural remedies!”

Stephanie Cooper Kochhar, MD [medical doctor]

“I have attended a number of very enjoyable guided herbal walks with Vivienne. She has a wonderfully down to earth, humorous and practical approach to educating about the practical uses of common herbs and how to identify them safely. It is easy to see that Vivienne is passionate about what she does…the love and enthusiasm she has for all things herbal is to the fore in her style of teaching. I highly recommend taking a guided herbal walk or course with Vivienne as an enjoyable and inspiring way to learn about the uses of herbs in practical everyday life.”

Gerald, Limerick, Ireland

“What an inspiration! I think I will be doing lots more workshops and will definitely be doing one of Vivienne’s foraging walks. Thanks Vivienne for a great day!

Lulu, Co. Wexford, 2015

‘‘I attended Vivienne’s Natural Cosmetics and Herbal Evening courses over Winter 2011 and Spring 2012 . It was great to learn how to make natural alternatives to shop bought items. Vivienne is so committed and enthusiastically and infectiously shared her knowledge and experience in an enjoyable atmosphere.’’

Mary, Ennis, Co. Clare.

“Attended both the natural cosmetic and herbal medicine courses in Gorey in January. Both courses were very informative and enjoyable. The only issue is the courses have left me wanting to know more! Thanks Vivienne.”

Sandra, Classes in Gorey, 2015.

“Fab class, learnt loads, Lovely person, very down to earth. Great ideas.”

Cosmetics class, Gorey, 2015.

“Had a great day, really enjoyable. Very knowledgeable teacher. Learn lots.”

Stephanie, Cosmetics Class, Gorey.

“Excellent class. Most enjoyable and informative. Could have stayed longer.”

Cosmetics Class, Ennis, 2015.

“Lovely day Vivienne. Full of info and inspiration. Thank you.”

Paula, Cosmetics Class, Ennis.

“Fantastic 2 days. An interesting and very inspiring teacher. Loved every minute of it!”

Participant in Natural Cosmetic-Making and Herbal Medicine Making class, Gorey, 2015.

“Thank you Vivienne. A great, informative, interesting & honest course. Keep up the good work.”

Ronan, Cosmetic-Making Class, 2015

“Thanks Vivienne, Very enjoyable and informative class. Looking forward to your internet classes”

Stephanie, Herbal Medicine Class, 2015

“I really enjoyed the day. I learned so much and am really looking forward to making all the products at home.”

Cosmetics Class participant (serums, salts, scrubs and body butters class), Ennis, Feb 2016

“Thanks a mill Vivienne, great day, very informative, you made it all look so simple. Very social and the room smelt FAB.”

Marsha, Cosmetic-Making Class, 2015

“Great day, learned lots of new information and ideas. Would be good for a hen party of girls’ weekend away.”

Breda, Gorey, Cosmetics Class, 2015.

“Thank you for a lovely course. I found it really helpful and practical. Looking forward to cooking up some of my own lotions soon.”

Sinead, Cosmetics Class, Gorey 2015.

“So interesting, hands-on and the spa treatments were a lovely ending. Vivienne is wonderful”

Cosmetics Class participant, Gorey, Jan 2015

“Today was a very informative day. I have never done anything like this before and it was a very good introduction for me. I have a better understanding of all the ingredients needed to make products. It was good to be involved in making the products and a good mix of practical and information, without being too much. Very good introduction to cosmetic-making.”

Cosmetics Class participant (serums, salts, scrubs and body butters class), Ennis, Feb 2016

“ Wonderful course with great display & opportunity to sample oils-the best quality of organic essential oils. Great range of the extra nourishing oils to smell & sample. Lovely mix of us doing and watching the expert doing. Very, very generous with information and recipes. And a hugely well-rounded knowledge. And most of all …your love of the plants shines through so strongly. Thank you! Very appreciative.”

Cosmetics Class participant (serums, salts, scrubs and body butters class), Ennis, Feb 2016

“Really enjoyed the course, inspiring as usual. Good balance and fitted in loads. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Cosmetics Class participant (serums, salts, scrubs and body butters class), Ennis, Feb 2016

“First class of this type. Really enjoyed the day. The obvious passion that Vivienne has for her topic. The hands-on was great combined with the wonderful smells were ‘amazing’. Would not hesitate to recommend this course. Leaves me wanting more. Thank you. “

Cosmetics Class participant (serums, salts, scrubs and body butters class), Ennis, Feb 2016

 “Just finished that serum we made in your class. It was the best thing I ever used for my skin.

My skin is so good now, I don’t have to use foundation any more.”

 Jana Callinan (serums, salts, scrubs and body butters class), Dublin, Oct 2016; Sent this message in April 2017

“First class of this type. Really enjoyed the day. The obvious passion that Vivienne has for her topic. The hands-on was great combined with the wonderful smells were ‘amazing’. Would not hesitate to recommend this course. Leaves me wanting more. Thank you. “

Cosmetics Class participant (serums, salts, scrubs and body butters class), Ennis, Feb 2016

“Thank you Vivienne so much for a really enjoyable & interesting day. All I can suggest is you shut us up a bit from interrupting you!! Having said that, the answers to the questions were the most useful part. Suggestion: ‘Advanced’ courses to take the study further? You share your passion and enthusiasm so well, and the work and mileage you put into the course is much appreciated. Thanks a million.”

Joanna, Herbal Medicine Class, Gorey, 2015.

“Brilliant course but should have been two days. The wealth of experience Vivienne brought to the course was exceptional. A very entertaining day with more questions answered than a typical lecture. An answer for everything and practical applications with easy to make remedies. More focused courses will be brilliant and I’ll be attending a multitude.”

Class participant, Herbal medicine class, Gorey, 2015.

“I attended an Herbal Remedy course in Seeds Savers, Scarrif, Co. Clare, May 2014.
Unfortunately, I’m not great with words, but I would like to say that you are a natural teacher – You have a rare quality that allows you to keep a balance of providing volumes of information, and managing to keep the a entertained and interested. I would be very interested in joining an e-course once you are up and running!!”

Michelle, Co. Clare, 2015

“Informative, lovely atmosphere, great location, fun. Thank you. Can’t wait to get started.”

Cosmetics class, Ennis, 2015.

“Thanks so much for the dosage instructions, the GP recommendations and above all your brilliant course!!! I really, really enjoyed it and learned so much! …And I got started today: My kids helped me to pick thyme for the cough syrup, then we put on an oxymel with our dried elderberries and last but not least my kids really enjoyed their bath with the “oat socks”. They had great fun and such soft skins afterwards. So, Vivienne, thanks again!”

 Herbal Medicine for the Family Class, 2016

“What a truly brilliant class! Thanks Vivienne – it’s made my day.”

 Herbal Medicine for the Family Class, 2016

“I just want to thank you for Saturday. It was amazing, I loved it. So much information!”

 Herbal Medicine for the Family Class, 2016

“Thank you very much for delivering a great course last Saturday. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to making some teas, cordials & oxymels at home to keep everyone well!”

 Herbal Medicine for the Family Class, 2016

From Land Survey Clients

“My mother and I first had the privilege of meeting Vivienne at a talk on herbal remedies for winter ailments last year. Inspired by this energetic and animated presentation we asked her to come and take us on a herbal adventure on my parents organic farm located outside of the village of Kinvara in Co Galway. Vivienne brought every inch of the route around the land alive by mesmerising our group with information on the multitude of plants and herbs that abound in that space. We were allowed the opportunity to listen to all perspectives on the nature of the herbal flora that featured on our walk; from its composition on a chemical level and how each herb compares to its synthetic counterpart on the current pharmaceutical market, through to its roots in heritage and folklore. Though Vivienne was not aware we had in the group a nano-physicist, a pharmacist, a journalist, a homeopath and nurse! All of whom were held captive by her passion and evident knowledge and respect for her subject. She brings the smallest patch of green alive with her pure, energetic and knowledgeable insight. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough for a day out!”

– Julie Randall & Julia Waites (land survey clients, 2014).

“I so thoroughly enjoyed that day.  I’ve always been fascinated by the various uses for herbs and thought I had a reasonably good, basic knowledge of what many of them can do.  I soon realised my knowledge was a tiny drop in the ocean compared yours, but more than that, you made the day so enjoyable.  You have a lovely, friendly approach to people and I felt I was enjoying an informative day with a new friend.  I was fascinated by everything I learnt as we wondered our farm, and the report you put together for me afterwards is a work of art.  There is an overwhelming amount of information in it, but it is put together in such a  user-friendly way.  I have dipped in and out of it many a time since receiving it, and anytime I have a chance (not often with a small but demanding baby!) I sit down to have a proper look through the pages.  The thought, time, and effort you put into my report is not only obvious but very, very much appreciated.  I would recommend your wonderful service to anyone with an interest in nature and its magical properties. I wish you all the best “

From a happy client in Wicklow, Ireland who received this as a birthday present (land survey client 2015)


From Clients in my Herbal Medicine Clinic

“I have attended Vivienne’s clinic with both of my children. I found her to be kind, attentive, understanding and most of all her advice and herbal remedies were effective. I would highly recommend her to all.”

A mother in County Clare.

“I went to see Vivienne on a one to one consultation. I was experiencing hot flushes due to the menopause which were accentuated by stress issues. I actually felt better initially just talking things through with Vivienne. At our consultation Vivienne gave me some helpful advice together with some herbal tinctures to take. Having taken the tinctures for about 2 months my hot flushes are greatly reduced and with the additional help of Vivienne’s advice I feel much better and more in control.”

Anon, Co. Clare

“Dear Vivienne, Once again, thanks so much for your time and patience and making a personal delivery on Christmas Eve! That’s service indeed!
The herbal medicine you prescribed and made up for me has really made a difference and I am feeling so much better. Wishing you all the best for 2015. Best regards, Lesley”

About my Talks & Lectures

“Hi Vivienne, I really enjoyed your talk recently at the Ennistymon’s Historical Society on the history of herbs. I found it particularly helpful when I heard your advice on ways to help with symptoms of hay fever. I had no idea nettles would help – or taste so good! It will be no problem making and eating Nettle soup 5 times a year. (a small handful of nettles added to Leek and Potato soup is also divine!)
I am glad that I have an excuse to continue making and enjoying elderflower cordial each year – and even more so now that I know it too will help with my hay fever. A really enjoyable evening!”

An attendee at a public talk in 2014

What Vivienne Says:

“For goodness’ sake! I’ve been doing this since 2003. If it was a load of old rubbish then people wouldn’t keep asking me to do it. Why do I need to collect testimonials?

 Just checking you’re still reading……