November 30, 2018
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Gift Voucher for Online Course ‘Learn with the Seasons: Autumn’


A  gift voucher for the

AUTUMN e-course 

‘Learn with the Seasons’:

A practical guide to using local wild plants

as herbal medicines and nutritious wild foods

An online video course with Vivienne Campbell, herbalist.

Course est. in 2015

IMPORTANT: After purchase you will automatically receive an email with the gift voucher and redemption instructions. The unique gift voucher code will be sent in a separate email within (but usually a lot less than!) 24 hours. All of these documents can then be printed or emailed by you to your gift recipient.

Payments are securely processed via Pay Pal but you do NOT need a Pay Pal account to pay this way. On the Pay Pal payment screen simply select ‘Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card’. This option is underneath the blue ‘Log In’ button.

Please read the Terms & Conditions of e-course gift vouchers below.





For a full outline of e-course contents and details, click here.

Terms & Conditions of Online Course Gift Vouchers

  • To make purchasing gift vouchers for Vivienne’s online courses easier, gift vouchers for online courses are designed to be redeemable against a particular online course (i.e. the price of the voucher relates to the price of the course) and purchasing one of these vouchers comes with instructions for the recipient to redeem the voucher and register themselves (setting their login and password info) for the online course. However, should someone want to use this gift voucher for another of Vivienne’s services instead they should simply contact Vivienne with their unique coupon code and she will arrange to transfer the balance of this gift voucher where possible (availability allowing).
  • After purchase the purchaser will receive an immediate email with the links to download 2 colour documents: a colour gift voucher for the specific online course and the instructions for redeeming the gift voucher (there’s also the option to download these from the Shopping Cart screen when you have completed your purchase). Within 24 hours (but usually within a lot less!) the purchaser will receive an email with a unique coupon code. The recipient of this gift needs this code in order to use the voucher when registering themselves for the course. The purchaser can then print all 3 documents to give to the gift recipient or send them in an email. This process helps to prevent fraudulent or multiple use of gift vouchers, means that the purchaser is in control of when the gift is sent (no automated emails spoiling the suprise for Christmas day!) and that the gift recipient receives a pretty gift voucher (either printed or in an email) rather than a generic one.
  • The gift recipient registers themselves for the online course using the instructions provided. There is not a deadline for using the course! Once registered students get life-time access to the online course content. Click this link to see the full e-course content:
  • Gift vouchers are valid for 2 years from date of purchase and are non-refundable.