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E-Class Recording: Alternatives to Hormonal Contraceptives


With guest specialist Dr Dorothee Struck MD PhD (medical doctor, gynecologist & obstetrician)

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This recording is from a live class that took place on: Monday 23rd November 2020.

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ABOUT DOROTHEE: Dr Dorothee Struck is a medical doctor, gynecologist & obstetrician specialising in natural medicine in her clinic in Germany.  Her passion is “encouraging women to understand their bodies and supporting them to realign with natural therapies and methods.” She is a great advocate of safe and effective modern alternatives to hormonal contraception, having used these for years with thousands of women who have attended her specialist clinic in Germany. She speaks at conferences on this issue and teaches online in German and English. She is the author of ‘Contraception in Your Own Hands: Safe & Healthy Female Barriers’ (available in German and English). Please visit her website to read more about her clinic and work

ABOUT THIS TOPIC: Hormonal contraception has become the norm: with the Pill, implants, hormone-releasing coils and contraceptive injections. While these methods are very reliable and convenient, there can be draw-backs to using hormonal contraceptives long-term. From minor side-effects that can make daily life miserable (e.g. fatigue, acne, weight gain, mood changes, low libido, headaches, digestive problems etc.) to more serious issues such as reduced fertility after ceasing contraceptives and actively trying to conceive.

Barrier and other contraceptive methods have a reputation as being unreliable, messy and a bit of a passion-killer but (like so many other things!) there are much better options available now than there were decades ago. Modern materials make caps and diaphragms better fitted, more comfortable and reliable. Meanwhile some modern monitors can offer a re-assuring way to track the menstrual cycle and clearly mark the days where a woman is fertile.

For women who would prefer to maintain a healthy, natural cycle and have their hormones function without interference then it’s great to know that there are viable alternatives available now. Needs and priorities change through difference stages of life so it’s empowering and practical to know what’s available and be able to make the best choice for ourselves at each stage of life.

LEVEL: Suitable for any adult interested in this topic. Also of particular interest to doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who treat women’s health issues in their clinics.