Looking for Professional Help?: Ways to find a qualified herbalist…

*  If you are looking for herbal treatment from a professional herbalist in a clinic, then have a look to see if there is someone suitably qualified who is working near you.

*  Many herbalists now offer consultations online too. Do remember though, that they will need to send herbal medicines to you so if you are in a different country to the person that you’d like to consult, I recommend that you check that they can ship herbal medicine to you (international shipping and postal rules vary from country to country).

* Please note that while herbalists tend to have similar training (although how in-depth this is can really vary) they will have experience in different areas. When you contact an herbalist it is well worth asking if they have experience treating the issue that you are considering consulting them about.

*  It will depend which country you live in, whether or not it will be possible for you to attend a professional herbalist in a clinic. Unfortunately herbal medicine clinics are illegal in many EU countries e.g France, Italy etc. It is legal in the Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK & USA. This is why most professional herbalists tend to be based in these countries.

* The following are some of the international registers of qualified, professional herbalists.

*  Click the button to see if they have a registered herbalist near you.

* NOTE: This is by no means a definite list of professional herbalists. I am simply trying to give you a reliable starting point from which you can start looking for someone suitable to help you. I cannot be held responsible for the actions and the results of whoever you attend. And I am not affiliated in any way with any of these organisation or professional associations. I am a member of NIMH because that’s the professional organisation that ran the degree course that I trained and qualified from.