Extracting info about seaweed to apply to the skin & hair

How to make skin & hair treatments and products from seaweeds:

Do basic info about seaweed and skin & hair

Seaweed as medicine for the skin and hair

Seaweed as cosmetics for the skin and hair

Then how to make seaweed extracts

Then how to natural skincare

Then how to make seaweed haircare (and nails)

Then instructions for professional formulators & brands

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Course Introduction (please watch this first)

Course Contents Summary

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Course Lessons

Recipe & Product-Making Videos & Lessons

Body & Bath

Herbal Infused Massage and Emollient Bars

Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter

Quick & Easy Skin Soothing Oat Bath

Protective Hand Balm 

An advanced balm

(to try to reduce or fade scars)

Aromatic Blends in Roller Bottles 


Daily Exolifating Oat Scrub

Nourishing Oat Face Mask

Skin Toners (DIY compared with hydrosols)

Water-Free Creams for Face and Body

Easy 1-Pot Seaweed Serum

Herbal Extract Techniques

 Herbal Infused Oils

Making Herbal Teas

(to drink or use as hand baths, foot baths or an eye compress) 


Cleavers Herbal DIY Deodorant

Cleavers Advanced Deodorant

Hair & Nail Care

Mineral-Rich Hair Tonic

(with seaweed or herbs)

Nail-Strengthening Treatments

(with seaweed or herbs)

DIY Shampoo: Castile Soap & Herbs

Using Bases for Haircare Products

Advanced Cosmetic-Making Techniques

Specialist Ingredients & Equipment Required

Hygiene for advanced products

Making Herbal Glycerites

Practical Tips

How to do the Dishes!

Keeping Records of your own Recipes

How to Re-use Glassware

I want to sell my own natural cosmetic range.

How do I do this?

Ingredients Guides

Ingredients in Focus:

Base & Carrier Oil Guide

Ingredients in Focus:

Herbs by Skin Type Guide

Ingredients in Focus:

Essential Oils Guide

Ingredients in Focus:

Types of Plant Oils Guide

Ingredients In Focus:

Specialist Seed & Nut Oils Guide

(‘enriching’ and ‘super seed’ oils)

 Technique & Safety Guide:

Drinking Herbal Extracts for Skin & Hair Health

(includes herbal tea blends)

Vitamin E:

An Guide

Herbal Reference Section:

 Guide to herbs for skincare & haircare

Skin Issues in Focus Lessons

Skin Issue in Focus:


Skin Issue in Focus:

Oily Skin & Acne

Skin Issue in Focus:

Eczema & Dermatitis

Skin Issue in Focus:


Skin Issue in Focus:

Cold Sores

Skin Issue in Focus:

Dandelion Wart Treatment

Hair & Scalp Issue in Focus:

Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

Skin Issue in Focus:


Skin Issue in Focus:

Vein Issues: Varicose veins, Spider/Thread veins

Skin Issue in Focus:


New Lessons at a Glance



Herbal Tonics & Topical Treatments

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 Easy 1-Pot Seaweed Serum

(added on 3rd March 2023)


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Skin Discolouration: dark patches; light patches.

Sun-damaged skin

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NEW! Expanded Herbal Reference Section

Remember to check-out the new Herbal Reference Section

 Learn more about how various herbs and seaweeds are helpful in skincare and haircare.

Recommended Resources

Ingredients & Equipment Required for this Course

Suppliers of Ingredients & Packaging

Advanced Shopping List for this Course

Ingredients and equipment required for emulsion-making and glycerites

Where to learn more….

About formulating more advanced natural cosmetics

from herbs and plants, for home use or professional level.

More advanced plant-based cosmetic making with Lise Andersen

Lise has excellent specialist e-books available.

Her website is a fabulous resource.

  • Shampoo bars
  • Creams & lotions
  • Glycerites from food and herbs
  • Self-preserving cleansers
  • And much more…..

Learn more about Plant Oils & Butters

With specialist e-courses and books

by Susan M Parker

  • Susan is a herbalist and plant oil specialist who had her own natural skincare range for over 20 years.
  • Author of ‘The Power of Seed’.
  • If you want to learn about the vast amount of carrier, nut and seed oils available nowadays, the chemistry and properties of them then she’s the lady for you!

Courses teaching professional cosmetic formulation

(for developing product ranges for sale)

Formula Botanica

Become an Organic Formulator

  • The Complete Package: An award-winning international online school with complete courses teaching you everything you need to learn to be able to make and sell your own cosmetics.
  • With courses in skincare, hair-care products and business management.


E-books, Courses, Consultancy, Guides, Legal Info & Ingredients

  • Aromantic: Founded nearly 25 years ago, an excellent resource and growing all the time.
  • Particularly helpful with advice for qualified therapists making their own products for clients, as well as for people making cosmetics for general retail. Their excellent website is full of info and resources.

Plush Folly

Ingredients, kits, e-courses & consultancy

  • Very helpful and experienced school.
  • E-courses available by topic e.g. soap-making; cosmetic legislation, candle-making, perfumery etc.

Lise Lisa & The Tisserand Institute

Formulating with Essential Oils

  • With  Robert Tisserand and Lise Andersen.
  • Various online courses teaching how to formulate professionally with essential oils.

Using Herbs in Professional Natural Cosmetics

A specialist course for people making retail cosmetics

  • I run this course 1-2 times per year.
  • It is a specialist training course for people who are making professional retail cosmetics to teach them how best (and legally!) to use herbs in them.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you aren’t already professionally selling products or aren’t enroled in or doing a formulation course and/or legal compliance course (e.g. with Formula Botanica, Aromantic, Plush Folly etc.) then this course of mine is NOT enough to teach you everything you need to know and do to make the jump to selling retail cosmetics so you will need to learn that too. My course teaches herbal extracts for use in professional retail cosmetics.

Resources for Formulators & Brands:

What you need to know for including seaweed in professional retail natural cosmetics

What you need to know for including seaweed in professional retail natural cosmetics