Spend a week learning with two plant-based natural skincare specialists

Lise Andersen

Natural Cosmetic Formulator & Educator



Vivienne Campbell

Medical Herbalist & Pro Skincare Educator


Spending time together making skincare using aromatic flowers & herbs…

…in the beautiful Portuguese countryside.

Vivienne Campbell


Lise Andersen



Arrive: Friday 10th May 2024 (join us for dinner together this evening)

Enjoy Learning with Us: Participate in 5 days of classes Sat. 11th – Wed. 15th May

Leave: After breakfast on Thursday 16th May

During our week together we will….

* Have herb walks focussing on plants that can be used to make excellent natural skincare, hair-care and deodorants. These will be a mixture of cultivated and harvest wild herbs.

* Collect our own herbs here and use them to make skincare and hair-care products and treatments.

* Make our own hydrosols: Learn basic distillation and the benefits of genuine hydrosols in natural cosmetics and skincare treatments.

* Neroli: Citrus trees are usually in bloom at this time of year*. Meet and savour the scent of this beautiful, famous aromatic flower up close!

[*Note: When plants flower or fruit is is weather & climate dependent so we cannot guarantee this but we expect them to be flowering as usual].

* Enfleurage: Discover aromatic extracts with our guest teacher natural perfumer Marju Kivi, who will guide us through the process of making enfleurage with fresh flowers.

And we will also….

* Make our own: Plant-infused oils, vinegars, honey, glycerites etc.

* Dry: Learn to dry herbs properly.

* Cold-press our own oil: Experience pressing out our own oil e.g. almond, olive.

* How & when to use herbal extracts: Learn great ways to include extracts in proper natural skincare (from making suitable cosmetics for various skin types to making something more therapeutic e.g. psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, what’s suitable during/after cancer treatment etc.)

* Advance & develop: Learn and experience more advanced formulation techniques for making cleansers, balms, masks etc.

* Preservative-free: Make various genuinely natural and active skincare products without the need for adding preservatives.

* Hair-care treatments: How to make a shampoo bar including our herbal extracts.

* Make deodorant: Natural, preservative-free herbal spray deodorants with a 1+year shelf-life.

* Working with and learning about the finest natural ingredients: Oils, honey, glycerine, beeswax, plant butters, fresh and dried herbs.

* Try out & bring home: Samples of what we make together.

Most techniques and product types can be easily made at home using dried herbs that you buy:

No need to have your own garden to recreate all our recipes and formulae.

Open to all levels: From beginners/newbies – advanced/experienced makers.

We will help you to make these skincare products and treatments whatever your level of experience or interest (home-use or pro).

Ask Us….

* Ask Vivienne about choosing herbs for your formulations: Vivienne is a qualified herbalist and has over 2 decades’ experience treating skin disorders, diseases and conditions in herbal medicine clinics. She produced her own retail pro cosmetics range for several years. She consults for and teaches brands around the world on how to properly formulate with herbs.

* Ask Lise about the formulation techniques: Lise formulates professional cosmetics. She creates bespoke, personalised products for clients, consults for brands developing professional natural cosmetics and teaches several courses on natural plant-based formulation for The Tisserand Institute. She has written specialist e-book guides on how to make stunning products with botanicals and handcrafted ingredients e.g. emulsions, tooth powders, preservative-free cleansers, balms etc.

Lise and Vivienne both love working with plants and natural ingredients to create beautiful, active, effective, gorgeous natural skincare.


This course takes place in the garden and indoors.

Make Together….

The group will help with the following processes and extract-making techniques…

~ Collecting herbs from the garden

~ Drying herbs (air drying, dehydrating etc.)

~ Herbal Infused vinegars

~ Infused glycerites

~ Alcohol tinctures

~ Herbal footbaths

~ Hydrosol (distilling herbs)

~ Cold-press a small batch of our own fixed oil (nut or seed oil)

Watch the Process…

Our specialist teachers will show you how to make…

~ Enfleurage (a special aromatic extract)

~ Herbal infused oils

~ Beautiful balms, salves & ointments

~ Work will beeswax & honey from the hive* (don’t worry, you won’t need to go near the bees!)

*This is dependent on weather, pollen etc but we plan to include it if the conditions are right

Get Hands-On & Make Your Own….

In our beautiful classroom you get the chance to make your own…

~ Shampoo bar

~ Honey & glycerite cleanser (self-preserving)

~ Masks

~ Deodorant

Using our templates you can personalise these natural skincare formulations to include ingredients that you would love to use.

Incorporate extracts that our group has made together during our classes e.g. herbal infused vinegar, infused glycerites, etc.

Choose herbs, oils, clays, milks and other natural extracts suitable for your skin type and the therapeutic action that you’d like to create.

ASK US!: Lise & Vivienne will be available to guide you as you create your own formula and make these products and treatments. We’ve been making natural skincare for decades and will be delighted to help you as you try out making your own here.

And Bring it Home with You….

Bring home your folder of recipes, formulae and notes as well as samples of extracts and the products that we make.

~ At the end of our course we will carefully wrap these up so that you can pack them in your case.

~ Continue to enjoy them when you get back home (smell and feel these memories!).

~ Use what you learned by continuing to make your own extracts and products at home.

About our venue…

* Our course will take place at this beautiful venue full of wild herbs, olive trees, citrus trees and with an organic cultivated herb & vegetable garden.

* It is nestled in a picturesque river valley in the Beiras region of Portugal. It is within easy reach of the beautiful cities of Aveiro and Porto. The nearest airports are Porto or Lisbon.

* Our hosts will make beautiful vegetarian meals* for us, from their garden and locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. (*other diets can be catered for too: please ask).

* Will can also make therapeutic seasonal herbal drinks to enhance skin & hair health.

* Food for our body, heart and soul!

* Enjoy walks and spending time in this stunning area.

Accommodation Options

There is a range of options available:

~ Rooms for individuals (single occupancy of a twin, double or kingsize room).

~ Sharing a room (twin rooms or double/king).

~ Stay in a beautiful en-suite room in this traditional Portuguese villa which is being lovingly renovated.

~ Or stay in the (also beautifuly-renovated) poolside accommodation at our venue.

~ There is also accommodation available in the local village. Please ask for info.

~ Prefer to stay outdoors? There are even options for Camping! Ask Vivienne for prices & details.

~ Individuals are very welcome (and are encouraged!) to attend our course. You do not need to come with a friend or in a couple. We will be a group of people this shared  common interest. It is very nourishing and heartening to spend time immersed in a subject that intrigues you, with other people who love it too.

~ Want to bring someone? If you have a partner or spouse who would like to join you (but not attend the course), then they will not have to pay the full course fee. Instead options are available to book a double/kingsize room and with them joining us for meals. Please ask Vivienne if you would like this info.


~ This is a specialist course with a maximum number of 20 participants.

~ This helps to ensure an excellent teacher to student ratio.

♥♥Genuine Learning♥♥

Groups sizes are always limited to help participants have time, attention, support and a high quality learning experience.


Prices vary depending on the type of accommodation that you select.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation for 6 nights in our beautiful venue (house or poolside rooms, sharing or single occupancy) or in the local village. (Camping is also possible: if you would prefer to camp please ask for the prices for this option instead).

  • All meals (vegetarian*)breakfast, lunch & dinner from Friday evening – Thursday breakfast. *Other diets can be catered for, please ask.

  • All teaching fees 5 days of classes with Lise & Vivienne both present for every teaching session, as well as guest teachers on specialist techniques.

  • All teaching materials printed course booklet with notes, recipes, formulae templates etc.

  • All the ingredients, packaging, equipment etc that we will use to make our extracts and you will use to make your own products during the hands-on classes.

  • Samples of what we make to bring home with you (if you are flying make sure that you book a check-in bag so that any liquids are not confiscated during security checks [creams & ointments are classified as liquids too]: or arrange to ship the liquids back to your address).

The price does not include:

  • Travel (flights/trains etc) to Portugal

  • Travel to the venue (by taxi, hire car, bus or train) **We can help to arrange airport transfers from Porto airport bringing you directly to our venue.**  We have a recommended local taxi service that we can book for you as an individual or to share with other members of the group who are arriving too. Please ask.

  • Travel insurance

  • Additional nights of accommodation

  • Additional meals and accommodation for spouse/partners

  • Alcoholic drinks: There is a bar in the villa and drinks can be purchased from here.

  • Specialist dietary requirements (please check at time of booking: a small supplement may apply so that we can ensure that you have what you require).

PRICE OPTIONS: Sharing a Room

For the full residential course opting to share a room (twin, double or king):

Prices start from €2010 per participant.

Please ask Vivienne for accommodation prices if your partner would like to join you staying at the venue but not attend the course. 

PRICE OPTIONS: Single occupancy of a room

For the full residential course opting not to share a room:

Prices start from €2190 per participant.

PRICE OPTIONS: Staying in the Village

If our accommodation at our venue is full then we also have the option of booking accommodation in the local village.

This is a comparable price with staying at our venue and Vivienne will arrange it as required.

PRICE OPTIONS: Course & Camping

Options for camping are also available. Please contact Vivienne if you would like details of this.

Camping is a great option if you are on a budget and would prefer not to share a room.


Please contact Vivienne (email: info@theherbalhub.com) and she will send you the booking form and Terms & Conditions for this course.

If you have any questions or anything you’d like to discuss then please contact Vivienne: she will be happy to help.


RESERVE YOUR PLACE WITH A DEPOSIT: The course is bookable with a deposit of €500 per person.

PAY IN FULL OR PAY WITH INSTALLMENTS: At the time of booking Vivienne can send an invoice for the full remaining balance or invoice for installments (with a maximum of 3 installments). The full balance due must be received by 30th April 2024.

PAYMENT METHODS: Payment can be arranged via bank transfer. It can also be taken via credit card, debit card or Pay Pal. Please note for payment by card, card processing or Pay Pal transaction fees will also apply.

GIFT VOUCHERS: If you have a gift voucher for theherbalhub.com then this can be used towards the payment for this course.


TRAVEL: We can help with recommendations for how best to get to our venue e.g. flights, trains, booking or sharing a taxi transfer from the airport etc. Porto is ideal: it is the nearest airport. Lisbon is further away but we can still help you plan to travel from Lisbon to our venue.

CPD/CPE CREDITS: A certificate of attendance can be issued for all the teaching hours that you attend during this course. Please ask Vivienne if you require one. 

ABOUT THE AREA: If you are planning to explore the area please ask: we will be happy to share suggestions and recommendations.


FAQs: Is this course for you?

Not sure if this is the right thing for you? We answer FAQs here.

Q. I already make my own shampoo bars/balms/cleansers/deodorants etc. How could attending this course benefit me?

A. These types of skin and haircare products take on a whole new level when you know how to add effective herbal extracts to them. In the classes we will learn about herbs and the benefits they bring to the health of the skin & hair. We will see many of the fresh herbs growing, and will learn how to harvest and extract them so that we can include them in our products and treatments.

This is also an excellent opportunity for you to get advice about ingredients and techniques from two very experienced teachers who live what we do: Lise and I have been doing this for decades! Our formula and recipe templates can be adapted and tailored for different levels of experience and to create different actions & effects.

Q. I am a newbie. I haven’t done anything like this before but love the look of this course and would like to try. Can I come?

A. Yes, you can. If you are keen to learn then you are welcome to join us. We all had to start somewhere, and you would be most welcome to start learning with us and the plants!

Q. I am a hobbyist and don’t have any plans to develop my skincare into brand. I am simply interested. Can I attend? 

A. Yes! This course is for ANYONE who likes working with plants and natural ingredients for the health of their skin and hair.  You don’t need to sell what you make: you can simply enjoy making and using your own treatments. They are such a joy to make and use!

Q. I am a brand. Can I come?

A. Yes! You’d be most welcome to join us. This is a great opportunity for people with brands to learn more about working with therapeutic herbs. This can really help to develop and improve your formulations. And it’s also a lovely introduction to making aromatic extracts (often included in natural perfumery) such as enfleurage and hydrosols. Vivienne had her own professional retail brand of natural cosmetics for several years so she has plenty of practical tips for including herbs in these products as well as navigating the legislation that applies to retail cosmetics.

Q. Will we make emulsions?

A. No, we won’t make them during the class because they are very sensitive to temperature changes so a lab-space (including in your home) is the best place to make them. They also take hours to make and this would be very boring to watch! However, Lise and Vivienne both teach emulsion-making in online courses. We will bring samples of some we make (that include our own herbal extracts to create different actions and effects) so that you can see and feel the different textures these create. If you already make emulsions yourself and have questions then you are welcome to bring a sample of yours with you so that we can try to help you.

Q. I don’t have access to fresh plants where I live/work? Will I be able to use any of these techniques we learn on this course when I get back home?

A. Most techniques and product types that we make can be easily recreated  at home using dried herbs that you buy. The main exceptions are enfleurage and hydrosols: these aromatic extracts work best with fresh plants. We will share our list of recommended reliable suppliers of dried herbs so that you can stock up when you get home. There is no need to have your own garden to recreate all our recipes and formulae.

Q. I suffer from a skin condition and would love to be able to help myself by making treatments and products to ease it. Could this course be useful for me?

A. Yes, depending on what it is. Non-serious, common skin conditions that we can usually help a great deal with home treatments and properly-formulated natural skincare include eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, sensitive skin, skin damaged for treatments (e.g. radiotherapy), scarred skin etc. With her expertise from treating skin conditions in her herbal medicine clinic, Vivienne is a mine of useful information on this topic, including what it’s safe to do yourself and when it’s better to consult a medical professional.

Still have questions?

Please contact Vivienne, she will be happy to help. Email: info@theherbalhub.com

Vivienne & Lise both want you to have a learning experience that you enjoy and benefit from.

We hope that you can join us!

Ready to Book?

Please email Vivienne at: info@theherbalhub.com

With the email subject line: ‘May in Portugal’

and she will send you the booking details and T&Cs.

We look forward to welcoming you in Portugal!