Want to learn more about specific areas of working with edible, medicinal and skincare herbs?


I am delighted to invite you to browse this new series of online classes where I will be joined by a guest expert to share their love and knowledge about their key area of working with herbs and natural medicine. These live classes will be interactive so you can put your questions to myself and each special guest.

Over the next few months we’ll have guest teachers who will share their specialist topic with us:

* Foraging with kids

*Growing medicinal & edible herbs

*Women healers throughout history

*Hormone-free contraception

*With more great new topics to be announced soon!

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Upcoming Classes in 2020


With guest specialist Denise Dunne (organic gardener and herb specialist)

WHEN: Wednesday 23rd Sept 2020 SOLD OUT!


TIME: 7.30 pm – 9 pm Ireland/UK time/GMT+1

COST: €15 (approx £14.50/US $18)


ABOUT DENISE: Denise Dunne is a specialist organic herb grower, teacher and consultant. Her beautiful garden ‘The Herb Garden’ in Ireland has been Certified Organic since 1995 . She gives talks, demonstrations, workshops and foraging walks on all aspects of growing and using herbs and native Irish wild plants. Visit her website theherbgarden.ie to get great recipes for using herbs, growing tips and to browse her collection of organic seeds if you fancy buying some to get growing yourself. She is a member of The Organic Trust and Slow Food Ireland, and is currently working with Failte Ireland on promoting Food Tourism in the Fingal Area.

ABOUT THIS TOPIC: It is such a joy to grow your own herbs. Having a readily available source of medicinal and culinary plants to use right on your doorstep makes it easy to add them into your life on a regular basis, boosting your health and tantalizing your taste buds! This is a wonderful chance to ask  a highly experienced organic specialist your questions about growing herbs.

Learn how to plan and design a culinary or medicinal herb garden, covering topics such as design styles, situation, soil types, planting principles, organic pest and disease control, and growing herbs in a limited space (e.g. containers in a courtyard, or on a balcony or window ledge). Whether you are an experienced herb grower or a beginner, don’t miss your chance to get Denise’s tips and help.


With guest specialist Elisabeth Brooke (herbalist, teacher and author)

WHEN: Monday 9th November 2020

TIME: 7.30 pm – 9 pm Ireland/UK time/GMT

COST: €15 (approx £14.50/US $18)

ABOUT ELISABETH: Elisabeth qualified as a herbalist in 1980 and has worked in many areas: from running a herbal medicine student training clinic in London to working with traditional medicine in the Caribbean. She teaches internationally and is the author of several specialist herbal books including Women Healers Through History, A Woman’s Book of Herbs and Traditional Western Herbal Medicine. Visit her website to read her articles, hear radio interviews and read more about her consultations, retreats and workshops.

ABOUT THIS TOPIC: The role of women in medicine has been forgotten, with it only being regarded in the last few decades as normal to see a female doctor. Yet from Ancient times there were female medics, midwives and healers who practiced medicine and wrote key medical texts on gynecology and other aspects of medicine. Many of them were highly-regarded by their male peers. We will look back at topics such as centres of healing, ancient medical schools, pioneering doctors, why midwifery was considered a threatening profession, the central role of herbs in medicine and more. This is full of bright and inspiring women who shone out in the work they chose to do: Mary Seacole, Dr James Barry, Aspasia and so many more. In modern times we tend to think that our form of medicine is the most advanced, yet centuries ago sophisticated levels of medicine and surgery were available, showing what advanced knowledge and skills physicians had then too.

Join us for this lively topic as we try to restore the balance a little and bring more recognition to these remarkable women. Get ready to be inspired!


With guest specialist Dr Dorothee Struck MD PhD (medical doctor and gynaecologist)

WHEN: Monday 23rd November 2020

TIME: 7.30 pm – 9 pm Ireland/UK time/GMT

COST: €15 (approx £14.50/US $18)


ABOUT DOROTHEE: Dr Dorothee Struck is a medical doctor, gynecologist & obstetrician specialising in natural medicine in her clinic in Germany.  Her passion is “encouraging women to understand their bodies and supporting them to realign with natural therapies and methods.” She is a great advocate of safe and effective modern alternatives to hormonal contraception, having used these for years with thousands of women who have attended her specialist clinic in Germany. She speaks at conferences on this issue and teaches online in German and English. She is the author of ‘Contraception in Your Own Hands: Safe & Healthy Female Barriers’ (available in German and English). Please visit her website to read more about her clinic and work

ABOUT THIS TOPIC: Hormonal contraception has become the norm: with the Pill, implants, hormone-releasing coils and contraceptive injections. While these methods are very reliable and convenient, there can be draw-backs to using hormonal contraceptives long-term. From minor side-effects that can make daily life miserable (e.g. fatigue, acne, weight gain, mood changes, low libido, headaches, digestive problems etc.) to more serious issues such as reduced fertility after ceasing contraceptives and actively trying to conceive.

Barrier and other contraceptive methods have a reputation as being unreliable, messy and a bit of a passion-killer but (like so many other things!) there are much better options available now than there were decades ago. Modern materials make caps and diaphragms better fitted, more comfortable and reliable. Meanwhile some modern monitors can offer a re-assuring way to track the menstrual cycle and clearly mark the days where a woman is fertile.

For women who would prefer to maintain a healthy, natural cycle and have their hormones function without interference then it’s great to know that there are viable alternatives available now. Needs and priorities change through difference stages of life so it’s empowering and practical to know what’s available and be able to make the best choice for ourselves at each stage of life.


How the classes work:

  • Classes are approx 90 mins.
  • People who attend live can type their questions into the chat bar and we will answer them.
  • The video recording will be available afterwards and everyone who books the class will receive access to it.
  • If you want to book the class but can’t attend it live then you will get a chance to send in your questions ahead of the session so that we can do our best to answer them as part of the class.
  • A stable internet connection will give you the chance to get the best experience from joining a live class. It does NOT need to be super-fast broadband but I do recommend that it is a consistently-stable service. Webinar software broadcasts live over the internet. The best service tends to be via a PC or laptop, especially if you use an ethernet cable. It will also work via mobile and Wifi but the service will vary depending on your mobile phone reception and if there are several other people in the household streaming services at exactly the same time. Don’t worry though: if you discover during the session that you Wifi isn’t up to the live class then you will still be able to watch the recording afterwards. I’ve been teaching webinars for over 5 years and internet services have greatly improved in this time, so thankfully technical issues for people at home are really becoming quite rare.
  • You will receive an email with the link to join the class. Please check junk/spam and promo folders if this hasn’t landed in your Inbox.

Previous Classes in 2020 that took place earlier

If you’d like us to run any of these classes again then please email your request to info@theherbalhub.com


With guest specialist Adele Nozedar (foraging teacher and author)

WHEN: Wednesday 16th Sept 2020

TIME: 7.30 pm – 9 pm Ireland/UK time/GMT+1

COST: €15 (approx £14.50/US $18)

ABOUT ADELE: Adele is the author of 3 highly-acclaimed books on foraging: The Hedgerow Handbook, The Garden Forager & Foraging with Kids.

She lives in Wales and teaches foraging there. Visit her website breconbeaconsforaging.com to book a walk, buy a book and learn about her fabulous work.

ABOUT THIS TOPIC: Children love foraging! Learning to work with plants comes naturally to them. It transforms a walk into an adventure, with something delicious to eat at the end. In this class get our tips for great ways to help children recognise herbs, keep safe while foraging, find plants they’ll find delicious, enjoy themselves and make this knowledge and skills that they bring with them in life. A wonderful way to develop a love, joy and passion for nature. Let’s raise a generation who delight in the earth!

It truly is my JOY and PLEASURE to help you learn!

Vivienne Campbell

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Qualification: BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

Professional Memberships:

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH)

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