We are very much looking forward to welcoming people to our course

Medicine & Wild Food from Herbs & Wild Mushrooms, October 2024


Vivienne has been teaching classes & courses for 20 years! She prides herself on providing an environment which is welcoming to all and where people can relax, learn well and enjoy themselves doing it (even her one day classes have been described as ‘like a holiday camp’!).

For residential events, Vivienne puts in an extra level of care to help to ensure that we have a great group where we are highly likely to feel safe, relaxed, supported and happy.

For this reason she asks you to read through and agree to the following before booking:

 Goodwill Agreement:

Between Course Participants & Course Organisers

To ensure that we do our best for our course to go smoothly and for us all to be able to enjoy ourselves while we learn, we need you to read through and agree to these Terms & Conditions before we can confirm your booking.

SAFETY: We all want to feel safe, relaxed and at ease. Threatening behaviour is not permitted and anyone displaying this will be asked to leave immediately. In such a circumstance no refund would be given.

THIS HERBAL TOUR IS AIMED AT ADULTS. If you have a teenager who is keen to attend with you then please contact Vivienne before booking to check that this is suitable. The course and venue are not suitable for younger children.

ADDICTIONS: Please do not book this course if you are or have been addicted to (and are not sufficiently-recovered from) intoxicating substances e.g. narcotics or alcohol (nicotine and caffeine don’t count, don’t worry: Coffee will be served!).  While we understand that spending time in nature can be deeply healing for people and a wonderful part of the healing journey through these issues, this course is not the place to do it. We are not a treatment centre and we do not have the resources to provide the specialist time, attention and support that is required by any individual with an addiction. Please note that alcohol is widely, cheaply and readily available in Portugal (there is even a bar in our venue). For this reason we do not recommend that people join our course if they are likely to be triggered into a relapse by this e.g. are currently alcoholics or have a history of unresolved alcoholism. We are not able to offer the level of support required by anyone who would be triggered by this. If you book this course and are deemed by any of our teachers or hosts to display signs of  these serious and disruptive issues then you will be asked to leave immediately, your fees will not be refunded and you will then be responsible for seeking alternative travel, accommodation etc. for your remaining time in Portugal. Our priority is that the group experiences safety, fairness and fun. We can’t prioritise one person.

MLM reps: People who use MLM products are very welcome to attend classes & courses in order to learn more about making natural products and using herbs properly. However, during our course they are not permitted to approach or recruit group members for sales or to the MLM structure. [MLM = Multi Level Marketing: examples of companies with this business model include Forever Living, Do Terra, Avon, Young Living, Herbalife etc.] We can discuss these if anyone wants to: but recruiting for more reps or customers is not permitted (the sales pitches used by some of these companies can be very aggressive and very misleading).

SOUND MIND: Our teachers & hosts cannot be responsible for people with psychiatric conditions. In this course we cannot provide the level of care that would be required to support someone with psychiatric issues. Anyone found not to be of sound mind during our course will be sent to the relevant medical authorities and will not receive any refund.

Payments, Cancellation & Refund Policy

♥ DEPOSITS: These are essential to book your place. Places will not be reserved for people without the payment of a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable because deposits are essential to ensure the tour can run and reserve the accommodation and other costs in advance. However, if you are unable to take up your place as planned but know someone else who would like to attend in your place then we can swap your deposit to their booking with that person paying us directly for the remaining balance.

♥ PAYING THE  BALANCE: After your deposit has been received, Vivienne will email you an invoice with the balance that is due. You can opt to pay in full or with a maximum of 3 installments.

♥ PAYMENT DEADLINE: The full price of the tour must be paid by Friday 30th April 2024. Refunds will not be possible after this date.


  1. Cancellation by you, the PARTICIPANT: Deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations received before 16th Sept. 2024 will receive a refund (minus the deposit). No refunds are available after 16th Sept. 2024 because we will be in full preparation for the course with materials ordered, printing ordered, additional accommodation booked etc. However, if you are unable to take up your place as planned but know someone else who would like to attend in your place then we can swap your booking to that person, with you two sorting out the course money between yourselves. Please remember that the new person will need to book their own travelling to Portugal (plane tickets are usually non-transferable) but we would be happy for them to use the course place and accommodation that you had booked for yourself (assuming that they meet and agree to the T&Cs of attending the course).

  2. Cancellation by Vivienne, the COURSE ORGANISER: In the highly unlikely event that Vivienne needs to cancel our course (this would only be in extreme circumstances e.g. accident, car crash, sudden urgent serious illness, death (!) etc.) then the full fee for the course would be refunded to you as soon as possible. Your travel costs (flight etc.) would not be refunded.

Thank you!

We look forward to meeting you in October.