Discover some of  the wild herbs coming in to season now that can be used as nutritious wild foods, home herbal remedies and natural cosmetics.

Includes a short tour around my wild herb video course ‘Learn with the Seasons’ to show what it’s like and how to use it should people wish to go on to learn in more depth. 


(Roses spp of plants)

Roses (from 9th June 2020)

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Learn with the Seasons:

forage for & use edible & medicinal wild herbs

Est. 2015

The full course contains video lessons on:

Spring Herbs

Nettle, dandelion leaves & flowers, red clover, cleavers, sorrel, elder flower, hawthorn leaves & flowers, daisy, plantain, primrose, silverweed leaves and more.

Summer Herbs

Honeysuckle, St John’s Wort, roses, self-heal, calendula, rosemary, yarrow, wild raspberries, cleavers seeds, chickweed and more.

Autumn Herbs

Haws, elderberries, rosehips, blackberries, sea buckthorn, roots (silverweed, dandelion, nettle, dock), cramp bark, hazel nuts, red clover seed bean sprouts and more.

Herbal Extracts and Wild Food Recipes

The course shows how to dry herbs, make teas, tinctures, oxymels, cordials, pesto, wild salads, infused oils, balms, poultices, infused honey, edible flower jelly, chocolate truffles and much more.

Discover the joy of using the edible, medicinal and cosmetic plants that surround us.

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