Videos & Interviews

Here’s a collection of videos from events and interviews that I’ve done over the years.

From professional documentaries to podcasts, from health shows to cosmetics conferences.

I hope you find something to interest you here.

Documentary Trailer

Uncommon Scents: The Movie

This documentary is currently in production and features interviews with key world leaders in research and use of essential oils in clinical aromatherapy e.g. Robert Tisserand, Jeanne Rose, Ann Harman, Cathy Skipper etc. I was honoured to be interviewed speaking about the importance of valuing the plants that oils come from, as well as key ecological issues in essential oil production e.g. sustainability and organics. The crew filmed a medicinal herb and wild food foraging walk that I took in 2016 at the Botanica conference in Sussex, UK.


Watch the Trailer Below

Uncommon Scents is a crowd-funded film.

If you would like to contribute to this film then please

 click this link. 

My online herbal medicine & wild food foraging course

The first ever  introductory video to my online course (from April 2015).

And two video lessons from my online course showing:

1. How to make herbal tinctures 

  2. How to make St John’s Wort infused oil

The Source of our Natural Skincare Ingredients

The first video in this new series showing the plants and processes that produce natural skincare and aromatherapy ingredients such as fixed oils, herbal infused oils, essential oils, aromatic waters & hydrosols e.g. rose water etc. They usually aren’t what people think they are! Some of them can be inexpensively and easily made at home, while others require specialist equipment, good weather and are usually much more cost-effective and practical to buy from professional producers.

The first video is available to view now and I will film more in 2019

Video 1. No you haven’t just made your own rosehip seed oil!


Formula Botanica Conferences

Giving a lecture on Using Herbs in Natural Skincare for the annual conference of Formula Botanica, an award-winning on-line professional organic skincare school. From 2017.

Wild Food & Medicinal Herb Foraging Walks

A guided medicinal herb and wild food walk and cookery demo for National Heritage Week, Ireland, 2017.

Talks & Demos at Health Events

Giving a demo on how to make your own herbal medicines for the Rude Health natural health show at the RDS, Dublin, 2012.

Interviews with Vivienne

An interview with me for a the natural health podcast ‘Let’s have a cocktail’ with Paula Jane WNBFPRO, a health coach based in Barbados

From Feb 2016.

Podcast interview with Vivienne about Rose, her favourite medicinal, edible & cosmetic herb.

For the excellent Forage Botanicals podcast by herbalist Natasha Richardson

From June 2017.